Using Picreel To Get More From Your Press Release Traffic

If you’re sharing your company’s news using online press releases, then you already understand the benefits and excellent exposure it provides. But what happens when a reader actually comes to your website from your press release? Are you ready and waiting for them? Do you have a clear call to action (what you want them to do on your website), and an easy way for them to do it? 

Planning ahead and setting up dedicated forms and pop-ups can help you get more people to act on your call to action. 

Here’s how to do it.

Create Dedicated Landing Pages

A landing page is simply the term for a page on your website that exists for a specific purpose. It is usually not part of your main website navigation. Instead, the URL (web address) is used in ads, emails, and even in press releases to direct visitors to a specific page to learn more about a product or service, fill out a form, or complete some other action. 

Versus just sending visitors to your homepage where they aren’t sure where to go or what to do, a landing page has a clear call to action, the information a visitor needs to make a decision, and an easy way to do it. 

Best Practices For Using Landing Pages In Your Press Release

  • Make at least one of your anchor text links in your release go to a dedicated landing page. Ideally, this is around your call to action (i.e. “register for the webinar” which links to your landing page,
  • The landing page should have more info that expands on press release topic or call to action (i.e. details of the webinar, how to register, case studies from past customers who have used the strategies from the webinar, etc.).
  • Use a form to collect leads or registrations, but KISS — Keep It Super Simple! Only collect the information you need. 
  • Make sure the topic of the landing page is relevant to the press release, and most importantly is helpful and valuable to visitors. 

Targeted Pop-Up Offers

Pop-ups can be used separately or in conjunction with landing pages. The advantage of pop-ups is that they can be used anywhere on your website. Picreel also has very specific targeting options that allow you to show pop-ups to visitors based on how long they have been on a page, how far they’ve scrolled, how many pages they’ve visited, and a host of other options.

You can also target pop-ups based on where a visitor came from. Yep, even from your press releases!

Our partners over at Online PR Media recently shared a post about using UTM tracking codes in your press releases. It’s a feature in Google Analytics that allows you to create a custom code to add to the URL (web address) of one of your website pages. The code allows you to track the link’s performance, which effectively also tells you something about the press release’s performance. 

It also allows you to customize pop-up offers for people coming to your website from that link. 

Creating A Pop-Up Offer Targeted To Your Press Release

Let’s go back to the webinar example and create a pop-up that only displays to the people that click the UTM link from your press release.

In Google Analytics, go to the Campaign URL Builder and enter the parameters for your UTM code. For a webinar signup, the parameters could look something like this:

Website URL: the web address of whatever page on your website you want to link to and track (i.e.

Campaign: “marketing-webinar”

Source: “news”

Medium: “press-release”

Content: “nov-19”

Google Analytics will then generate a custom URL with the UTM code. 

Next, head over to your Picreel dashboard and create a new campaign to invite visitors from the press release to sign up for the webinar (we conveniently already have a webinar template, should you ever need one!).

Once you’re happy with the design and wording, save your campaign and move on to Target Options. 

Scroll down to Other Options, then expand the “where visitor came from?” section.

Select “referring domain”

Select “is” 

And then paste in your UTM. 

Now, anyone who reads your press release and clicks on your “webinar” link will be directed to your website and shown this uber-specific pop-up offer. 

Imagine the possibilities! With a little forethought and planning, you can get so much more from your press release traffic. 

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