Smart Publicity Ideas For Attorneys: 4 Ways To Build Buzz Around Your Practice


#1 – Run A Contest To Win Your Services


Running a contest can be a great way to build exposure for your law firm. It also gives people the impression that you have a fun side and are willing to help.


For example, suppose you specialize in divorce law. A lot of unhappily married couples would love to end their marriages, but lack the funds to do it properly (i.e. with a lawyer’s help). Hold a contest on Valentine’s Day where you choose a “lucky” participant to handle his or her divorce for free. You’ll generate buzz, goodwill, and a stream of targeted leads.


#2 – Organize A Fundraiser


Why not spearhead a fundraiser for a local school, charity, or other organization? You’ll gain exposure and generate a ton of goodwill in the process. Inject a little fun into the event to make sure everyone has a good time.


For example, host a cook-off with local celebrities. Residents who attend the event can purchase the food, contributing money to the fundraiser’s coffers. Or hold a raffle where one or more individuals win valuable prizes.


The type of fundraiser you organize isn’t important. The important thing is that it’s fun, generates cash for the organization you’re helping, and gets the community involved. They’ll remember your name if they ever need to hire an attorney with your expertise.


#3 – Offer To Appear On Radio


Depending on the type of law you practice, you can build a lot of buzz around your firm by appearing on radio. Millions of people listen to talk shows during their daily commute. A lot of them need legal advice. Why not call local stations and offer to field questions from callers?


For example, if you handle personal injury cases, you might offer insight regarding callers’ workplace injuries and their chances of obtaining compensation. And naturally, morning commuters also tend to already have the workplace on their mind. If you specialize in employment law, you can field questions about discrimination, harassment, employee rights, and any other concerns people have about work.


Appearing on the radio gives you a platform to demonstrate your expertise. It also puts you in front of a huge audience that needs your help. Turn it into a weekly gig and it won’t be long before you’re known as an authority in your field of law.


#4 – Create Your Own YouTube Channel


People use YouTube for more than just entertainment. They seek videos that teach them how to do something or provide information they need. As an attorney, that gives you a fantastic opportunity to reach people who might not otherwise hear about you.


Create your own channel on YouTube and fill it with short, informational videos that offer useful advice on your area of expertise. If you’re a divorce lawyer, talk about property division and child custody laws in your state. If you’re a criminal defense lawyer, talk about the legal issues surrounding assault and battery, drug offenses, and DUIs.


As you fill your channel with helpful videos, you’ll attract more and more subscribers. You’ll also gain visibility on both Google and YouTube when people search for the topics you’ve covered. If viewers find your videos helpful, they may “like” and comment on YouTube, share them on social media or email them to friends. This is considered social currency and is critical for boosting your organic SEO.


BONUS: Promote Your Publicity With A Press Release


If you’re running a contest, hosting a fundraiser, appearing on the radio, or launching a YouTube channel, don’t forget to tell people! An online press release is a fantastic way to increase your exposure and reach a greater audience with your news.


The great thing about online press release distribution is that it is very affordable. Online PR Media offers multiple packages – starting with a free one and adding valuable features at each level . Our most popular package is just $79 and allows you to create a robust multimedia release with interactive reporting.


Once your press release is live, we always recommending grabbing a link of it published on a relevant news or media site, then sharing it on your own website and social sites. This further boosts your visibility and helps spread the word to your prospects and followers that you’re doing interesting things in the community!


Getting publicity for your law practice doesn’t have to dominate your time or break your budget. There are many ways to build buzz around your firm that are simple and cost-effective. The four ideas we’ve covered above are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you need exposure, they’re a great place to start!


Your Turn!


What other creative ways can you think of to generate publicity around a law practice? Do you have any examples that you’ve used – or seen used – in the past? Post your legal marketing and PR ideas in the comments section below!

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