Reaction to News or Current Events

*Note: this is a reactionary press release to be used for reputation management. Usually used to dispute inaccurate or unfounded information being spread about your company in the news.


Enter your 3 primary keywords below. You may choose to add longtail keywords as well. Use this area to keep track of your keywords as you use them. Use at least one in the title and at 1-2 in the summary. Use each keyword at least once in the body.


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Title – 100 Characters or Less (use 1 keyword, as close to the beginning as possible)


Summary – 175 characters or less (use 1-2 additional keywords)


Paragraph 1 – Link to the news story you are responding to, briefly describe what the story is about and why you are publicly responding to it. Use an anchor text link to link your company name to your website’s homepage


Paragraph 2 – Briefly why the information in the story is inaccurate or unfounded. Use a professional, unbiased tone and provide documented information to support your case. Link to applicable sources.


Paragraph 3 – Include a quote that explains why it’s important for customers and the general public to hear your point of view so that they can understand that the claims about your company’s product or service are not accurate.


“     ,” said [Name of person being quoted], [Title of person being quoted] of [company name] (http://website URL). Make the person’s name an anchor text link linking to their LinkedIn profile.


Paragraph 4 – Expand on paragraph 2.


Paragraph 5 – Explain why your company is disputing the claims  or misinformation and how the claims could negatively affect your customers or target audience.


Paragraph 6 – Conclude with a quote that clearly defines your company’s position on the matter.


“     ,” said [Last name of person being quoted].


About [Name of Your Company]: [Company name] (http://www. website URL)…. This is your About Us section. Include your best written “elevator pitch.”


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Anchor Text & Links:

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