New Product or Service

Enter your 3 primary keywords below. You may choose to add longtail keywords as well. Use this area to keep track of your keywords as you use them. Use at least one in the title and at 1-2 in the summary. Use each keyword at least once in the body.


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Title – 100 Characters or Less (use 1 keyword, as close to the beginning as possible)


Summary – 175 characters or less (use 1-2 additional keywords)


Paragraph 1 – Announce the product or service and use an anchor text link to link your company name to your website’s homepage. Identify your target audience and how your new product of service specifically solves their problem.


Paragraph 2 – Discuss features of the product or service and its user benefits. Include an anchor text link using one of your keywords to a related page (i.e. product or service page) on your website or blog.


Paragraph 3 – Explanation of how the product works, or of specific features of the service. (1-2 paragraphs)


Paragraph 4 – A quote about what differentiates your product or service from other solutions on the market.


“     ,” said [Name of person being quoted], [Title of person being quoted] of [company name] (http://website URL). Make the person’s name an anchor text link linking to their LinkedIn profile.


Paragraph 5 – Provide background information about your company, and why it makes sense/how you’re qualified for your company to introduce this new product or service. Include an anchor text link using one of your keywords to a piece of your content published offsite/not on your website (i.e. LinkedIn, Medium, Slideshare, guest post, etc)


Paragraph 6 – A conclusion quote that explains how you hope introducing this new product or service will help your customers.


“     ,” said ]Last name of person being quoted].


About [Name of Your Company]: [Company name] (http://www. website URL)…. This is your About Us section. Include your best written “elevator pitch.”


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