Publicity Ideas For Insurance Agents: 6 Creative Ways To Promote Your Services

#1 – Sponsor A Charitable Organization


One surefire way to become known in your community is to sponsor a local nonprofit or charitable organization. For example, if you sell car insurance, you could sponsor your local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. If you sell life insurance, sponsor a small hospital or medical center in your city.


You can also sponsor your local fire department, youth sports teams, or your city’s Boy Scout or Girl Scouts troops. There are hundreds of charitable or nonprofit organizations that would love to receive your help, and in return you receive exposure for your agency.


#2 – Host A Seminar


Seminars aren’t easy. They take a considerable amount of time and effort to plan, organize, and host. But they can be a great platform to get your name in front of prospective clients. If you host them on a regular basis, you may even become a minor celebrity in your town.


Your success will depend largely on the audience you attract to your seminars. The safe bet is to focus on a particular problem or challenge your prospects are facing. For example, are they having trouble deciding between a whole life insurance product and term life? If so, create a seminar that explains the differences, provides the pros and cons of each, and provides some real world scenarios. Are they confused about how life insurance can help them with their estate planning goals? If so, focus your seminar on that topic.


The narrower your subject matter, the more targeted your audience. Better targeting makes it easier to convert prospects into clients.


#3 – Wear Your Services


Buy some high-quality polo and button-down shirts, and print the name of your agency and your phone number on them. It’s also a good idea to list the types of insurance products you sell (life, health, auto, motorcycle, property, etc.). By wearing the shirts, you’ll subtly promote your business to the people you meet during your day.


You can also buy t-shirts imprinted with your business name to give to your friends, family members, employees, and policyholders. Resist the temptation to cut corners on quality just to save a few bucks. Spend a little extra for t-shirts that people will be inclined to wear outside the house.


#4 – Wrap Your Company Vehicle


A vehicle wrap is exactly what it sounds like. You “wrap” your car, truck, or SUV with your business name, logo, and contact details. Wherever you drive, whether on freeways, high-traffic streets, or side roads, people will see the name of your business. 


Keep in mind, a poorly-done wrap can be an eyesore. This is one place to spring for a professional to create a tasteful design that catches attention. 


#5 – Place A Car Wreck Near Your Office


This idea is useful if you sell auto insurance. Contact a local junkyard and ask the owner to donate a wreck that you can park near your office’s entry. The wreck will make an unforgettable impression on customers, prospects, and passersby. It will remind people that car accidents can happen to anyone. Hence, it’s imperative that they have sufficient liability auto insurance.


It’s worth noting that your local city officials may not fully appreciate your parking a wreck in plain view. They might ask (or demand) that you remove it. Even if there are local ordinances prohibiting the wreck, try to negotiate a deal whereby you can display it one weekend per month. Mention that it’s for a good cause: reducing the number of drivers on the road who lack insurance coverage.


#6 – Get A Mascot


Mascots are just plain fun, and you can find basic costumes for relatively cheap on eBay. Enlist a friend to help you sew some custom accessories (and another friend or employee to actually wear the costume), then start pounding the pavement. Attend events at the schools or Girl Scout troops you sponsor. Show up to a local car show. Even have your mascot stand on the sidewalk if your agency gets a lot of foot traffic. 


Get The Word Out


While a vehicle wrap or promotional shirt automatically promotes your name, sometimes you’re still going to have to actively get the word out. Those seminars we discussed? While no doubt valuable to the right audience, you have to get bodies in the seats first. Promote your upcoming events by distributing an online press release, posting on your website and social media sites, and even consider geofencing advertising.


Not familiar with geofencing? It’s a technology that creates an invisible perimeter around a specific location. When a mobile user enters the ‘fence’ they will get a mobile ad on their device, usually when using an app or search engine. As a marketer, you can put a fence around any location, not just your own. For example, you can use geofencing around your city’s local car dealerships. When a shopper is sitting in the sales department playing a game on their phone, they see an ad for your auto insurance agency. Because people buying new cars need auto insurance, right?!   


As an insurance agent, no one needs to remind you about the competitiveness of the market. You see it firsthand on a daily basis. The good news is that you can distinguish yourself from the competition in a number of simple, affordable and fun ways. 


Your Turn!


If you’re an insurance agent, what tactics are you using to generate publicity for your business? What things have you tried in the past that flopped? Are you planning any events in the near future? Tell us about your experiences and plans by leaving a comment below! 


Kevin Petersen

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