American Medical Care - a healthcare tourism agency par excellence

American Medical Care is a network of providers and medical facilities providing affordable pricing on cosmetic, elective, and non-elective procedures.

Online PR News – 07-February-2022 – Washington – Between 2021 and 2026, the revenues of the global medical tourism market are expected to be growing at 29.29% CAGR. More and more patients are now traveling outside their home country to get medically treated. People from developed countries are prone to visit developing countries because treatment costs are invariably lower than back home and the waiting times are comparatively less. But travel other way is also happening - that is, from developing countries to the developed ones where the quality of medical care has been proven to be of the highest standards.

As per, the US and Canada are sitting at the top of the rung as they are home to the best services in medical care, even if healthcare is expensive here. Medical tourists seek healthcare assistance in these countries with reports of an increased number of medical tourists arriving in these countries. All of this is possible only with leading medical tourist agencies offering professional services to medical tourists arriving in the US.

American Medical Tourism is a top healthcare tourism agency in the US helping patients with elective and non-elective medical services. Being a part of the US medical tourism circuit for quite some time now, the company is a part of a growing network of healthcare tourism systems, facilities, and service providers. As part of their vision of making a difference in a patient's life, irrespective of the individual's nationality, the company helps bridge the gap between patients looking for the best medical care and healthcare service providers that have the best facilities in place do so. The objective is to help patients access quality medical care and facilities in the US, spanning most of the fifty American states, including New York, Washington DC, California, Florida, New Jersey, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texa, and others. The facilities and services of American Medical Tourism extend beyond the US to Canada, Nigeria, and Costa Rica.

The core service area of the company covers five categories - HIPAA-compliant Health Records, concierge services and trip planning, accommodation services, personalized treatment plan, price quote, and round-the-clock hospitality and assistance. The company works in a very focused manner taking care of patients from across the globe who have easy access to various medical procedures in the US. The company facilitates the smooth entry of patients into the US, helping create personalized treatment plans with appointments at best and the most appropriate healthcare provider in the country. The services are comprehensively and exhaustively tuned to meet not just the needs of the patient but also take care that the family is accommodated at the right place, looking into local transportation arrangements, handling the documentation, and ensuring end-to-end services for fast recovery of the patient.

Along with their experience comes the trust that the medical facilitator will work out the most affordable package for the medical tourist. Their bespoke service ensures that the patient's requirements and medical condition are well studied and their budgetary constraints. The overall approach for the company is to ensure that no medical tourist goes without being offered the best healthcare services in the US at the most competitive prices.