Press Release Template: Announcing The Launch Of A Website


For example, did your company receive a noteworthy industry award? Are you holding a contest next month? Did you recently launch or redesign your website? Using a template will help you to quickly create an announcement that covers the most important details.


You might think the launch of your website, or its redesign, doesn’t warrant a press release. But it’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience, and encourage them to check out your new site or features. And if your site is a major resource in your industry, you can bet that journalists and influential bloggers will want to know about it!


Online PR Media’s Press Release Template Library


Below is a website launch press release template. This template – and many others! – can also be found under the “Resources” section when you log into your Online PR Media account:


Here you’ll find press release templates for many new angles, including:


  • New Product or Service
  • New Business Partnership
  • New Hire
  • Contest
  • Webinar/Training/Speaking
  • New Whitepaper, eBook, Video or Audio (digital products)
  • Lawsuit
  • Sale or Promotion
  • Award or Accolade
  • Website/App Launch or Feature
  • New Client
  • Reaction to News or Current Events


For this particular blog, we’ve added details to each section to guide you toward the type of information to include. It will highlight, point by point, what you should include in your announcement. Feel free to tweak it to fit your circumstances. For a more streamlined version of this and other templates, check out that Resources link above.


Website Launch Press Release Template


Enter your 3 primary keywords below. You may choose to add longtail keywords as well. Use this area to keep track of your keywords as you use them. Use at least one in the title and 1-2 in the summary. Use each keyword at least once in the body.


Keyword #1      


Keyword #2      


Keyword #3      


Title – 100 characters or less. (Use 1 keyword, as close to the beginning as possible)


Summary – 175 characters or less (use 1-2 additional keywords)


Paragraph 1 – Announce the launch or redesign of your site. (Get right to the point.)


Paragraph 2 – Describe the best features of your new site. If you redesigned it, describe the most important changes. (The goal is to get people to visit, so put your best foot forward. For example, mention the section devoted to FAQs, or your new streamlined checkout process.)


Paragraph 3 – Include a quote that underscores why the launch of your site is important to the reader. (The quote should look similar to what you’d expect to see in a trade journal article. For example: “The launch of allows our customers to finally tap into our enormous library of how-to industry guides for free,” noted Cheryl Rose, President and founder of XYZ. –


Paragraph 4 – Explain what your company does and describe your products and services. (The goal is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. What makes your products and services stand out? How are you different?)


Paragraph 5 – Include another quote. This time, explain how the reader might use your new or redesigned site. Point out sections that she may want to visit or highlight functions she might find especially useful. (For example: “Our customers will love the section we’ve devoted to pictures of our products. It will help them to decide which items best suit them. We’ve also included a flawless search engine on the site that can find products based on description, item number, size, and several other criteria,” says Rose.)


About Your Company – Start with your company’s name, include its website address in parentheses, and define how your company serves your market. Use this paragraph to describe the specific benefits your customers enjoy as a result of doing business with you. (For example: XYZ Incorporated ( helps small business owners leverage digital signage to attract more customers, clients, and patients…)


The entire press release should be between 350 and 400 words. That’s the sweet spot. It’s long enough to provide the important details, but short enough to avoid boring the reader.


Examples Of Excellent Website Launch Press Releases


Seeing how others write press releases announcing the launch of their websites can be a valuable lesson. Here are several good examples that hit the right notes:


Skybound Usa Launches New Website For Premium Trampolines And Accessories – Gets right to the point, and highlights site’s new features, including new images of ‘trampolines in action,’ and the new one-click easy shopping experience – features that customers will appreciate!


Smartap FZE, A Next Gen Marketing Consulting Agency Launches New Website And Social Media Handles – This company uses the website launch press release to highlight their services, including their promise to help companies achieve exceptional growth and their ‘100% risk-free’ model.


Punyam Has Launched New Website To Serve Online ISO Auditor Training Courses – This company highlights the features of its new site and specifically how customers will benefit, stating that the website will provide ‘effective, enjoyable and time-saving online training sessions.’


Remember, press release templates simplify the writing process. Use this template as a starting point, and you’ll be cranking out press releases in no time!


Your Turn!


Do you see any items that you would personally include in a “website launch” press release that aren’t noted above? Do you have any questions about announcing the launch or redesign of a site? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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