Press Release Editorial Guidelines


Be Newsworthy – First and foremost, your press release should be newsworthy and informative in nature. Your release should have a legitimate news angle that is appropriate for news media sites and relevant to your audience.


Be Accurate – Your release should contain complete and accurate facts and proper attribution for any sources cited outside of your own organization. For legal matters, press release must contain a case number, court of record, or other public legal documentation.  


Be Objective – The tone of your press release should be professional and objective. Write in the third person and avoid using a conversational tone. Words like “I”, “you”, and “we” should only be used in the quotes.


Be from a Clear News Source – The news source is the company submitting the press release. The company should be clearly named in the title of the release. And it should be clear how the company is related to the news being announced.


Be an Acceptable Length – Press releases should be a minimum of 250 words, and not more than 800 words for readability. For extended distribution on PR Newswire, and for international releases, word count is very specific and overages are an additional charge. Please contact before you begin writing if you have purchased extended distribution.


Contain a Valid Media Contact – A valid media contact is required for all Online PR Media press releases. The minimum requirement is a name, email and phone number. The media contact can be someone from the news source (company submitting the release), or a person at the agency representing the news source.


Be Properly Formatted – Online PR Media requires the body of your release to be uploaded as plain text. Avoid HTML tags, tables, non-standard formatting, and special characters.


Not Contain Excessive Links – Online PR Media allows four anchor text links. Links should not be spammy or keyword-stuffed. Links should direct readers to helpful, relevant sources related to the news topic. Online PR Media provides separate fields for links; do not use HTML in the body of the release. Learn more about using anchor text links here.


Not be Promotional – Advertorials, overtly-promotional content, sales pitches, and strong opinion-based writing will not be approved by Online PR Media editors for distribution.


Not be Duplicated – Each press release you submit should be completely original. Duplicate releases or content copied from other sources will not be approved.


Not be Disreputable – Sites that offer adult products and services, escort services, illegal products and services, scams and pyramid schemes, or iPhone unlocking products are not acceptable news sources. These releases will not be approved or distributed by Online PR Media.


Online PR Media’s editors review every press release before distribution. While our editors determine if your release is appropriate and meets editorial guidelines, they are also your partner in success. Unless you opt-out at upload, they will provide editorial suggestions to improve your press release for the most successful distribution possible. Have specific questions about writing or formatting your press release? We’re here to help! Contact our editors at for questions about editorial guidelines while writing your press release.

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