Pet Ownership on the Rise - But What Happens When You Lose Your Pet?

Many people today consider their pet "family". And when they lose a pet they want to remember and honor them in personal and unique ways.

Online PR News – 08-November-2017 – Dalton, NH – Pet ownership is on the rise and apparently raising children isn’t. In 2016, over 68% of US households owned pets while only 42% had children. So, it’s no wonder more and more people consider pets their “family”. And like family, when you lose your pet, you want to feel close to them through your memories and honor them in personal and unique ways.

New Hampshire artisan, Sue Winn has been helping pet lovers remember their loved ones for over three years by infusing cremation ash into beautiful star-burst memorial glass art designs. Winn is a blown glass artist who started out making jewelry and now specializes in cremation glass touchstones and pendants. “I started working with cremation ashes as a favor for a friend. It took several attempts to perfect the implosion process of setting the ashes within the design.”

With an estimated 1 in 3 households wanting to keep loved ones or pet ashes at home, memorial glass keepsakes are a popular option. “Jack, my Yorkshire Terrier, was my sidekick and companion for 16 years. He was always “the little engine that could” determined to conquer any challenge. His ashes sealed in a glass pocketstone helps me feel connected to him and the good times we shared” explains one of Winn’s first customers.

Cremation glass is an artisan process that infuses ashes into beautifully crafted pendants, pocketstones, hearts, or other handblown keepsakes. The pet ashes along with colored glass are suffused between layers of glass then the piece is blown, shaped and polished. “I never know what the finished design will look like. Each piece is unique, reflecting the individual personality of the lost pet” explains Winn. More information about pet memorial glass art keepsakes and the hand-blown process can be found at

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