PATECCO Developed a New Breed of IAM Tools for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

PATECCO developed a new breed of IAM tools for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016. It is the successor product to Forefront Identity Manager 2010.

Online PR News – 07-November-2017 – Herne – The top German Managed-services company PATECCO developed a new breed of Identity and Access Management tools for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 (MIM). It is the successor product to Forefront Identity Manager 2010 and supports identity and access management for on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

MIM 2016 is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective way for companies and universities of all sizes to secure and manage digital identities. Its innovative set of features contribute to the complex use-cases of University User-Lifecycle. PATECCO ships a comprehensive standard set of processes to easily cover the complexity of Students, Employees, Alumni’s and more.
Microsoft understands the increased demand of Identity security for Universities and developed a license model which is unique in the IAM market. PATECCO developed a build a set off MIM Add-Ons that make a IAM deployment with MIM+PATECCO and out-of-the-box experience.

The integration with HR and the student information system is easy to implement, robust and scalable. Cloud solutions like Office 365 or Google Apps are fully-managed and will experience Single Sign-On. PATECCO helps Universities to get full-control of Identity, Access and Governance.
Along with MIM 2016, PATECCO offers the tool Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), allowing an end user to self-reset his password in remotely from any location with different types of verification mechanisms. One-Time Passwords can be send via SMS or e-mail, or a user can run through questions & answers of its well-known private questions. SSPR reduces the number of help desk calls significantly and also enhances the productivity of an end user by averting unnecessary and prolonged waits.

One of MIM 2016 benefits for the business is the full management of identities, privileged account management and a superior integration with Office 365. It also improves users' ability to solve problems with items like self-services. Group management enables users to add and remove themselves and others from specific groups. Besides, Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 ships comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities to track a user-lifecycle and makes your organization ready for the next audit.

About PATECCO: PATECCO is an international company, dedicated to develop, implement and support of Identi-ty & Access Governance solutions. Based on 20 years’ experience within IAM/IAG, high quali-fication and professional attitude, PATECCO provides value-added services and delivers sus-tainable IAM solutions that fit best to your corporate requirements. Looking back to PATEC-CO’s projects in the past, clients lowered operational costs, optimized business processes and increased significantly company compliance requirements.