Writer Luisa Mirella Plancher Hopes To Make America Great Again With 'The Strength Of The Nation'

In 'The Strength of the Nation,' author Luisa Mirella Plancher delves into her thoughts on how to 'make America great again.'

Online PR News – 07-November-2017 – PITTSBURG, CA – Greenberry Publishing, LLC, an all-inclusive publishing and marketing company, proudly announces the release of Luisa Mirella Plancher's manuscript, titled 'The Strength of the Nation.' The literary work was originally part of a larger tome, 'The Angel of the Lord,' but Plancher opted to publish 'The Strength of the Nation' on its own as a result of her passion for its message.

'The Strength of the Nation' details Plancher's thoughts and opinions on how Americans can make the country great again, and aligns with many of current president Donald Trump's philosophies and aspirations. Plancher explains in the text her belief that the clashes and problems in society can be solved not through political or military means, but instead through religion.

"'The Strength of the Nation' shows that if Americans can come together to rebuild society, we can be a beacon of hope for all of humanity. I truly believe that by making America great again, we can improve the world overall," says Luisa Mirella Plancher.

Readers will gain a true understanding of how the author views the political and militaristic landscape, and her views on how some changes from a religious perspective could shift how our nation is perceived.

"My book helps educate how I believe we can move forward as a stronger society with far less conflict. Through the installation of a great wall along the Mexican border, among other things, we will become a more unified nation," continues Plancher.

'The Strength of the Nation' will be available for purchase on Amazon starting the first week of November 2017.

About Luisa Mirella Plancher
Moving to the United States in 1970 after marrying an American, Luisa Mirella Plancher earned her degree in Political Science and actively worked as a social worker. Plancher began writing then, but did not find a suitable publisher. The events of 9/11 reinvigorated Plancher's passion to 'make America great again' and she restarted her journey to publish her writings.

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