Rapid Intake's New Game and Interaction Builder: Compatible with Articulate, Captivate, Lectora

eLearning games and interactions are often added to e-learning courses to keep learners interested and help them retain the information being taught.

Online PR News – 20-January-2011 – – Provo, Utah - Rapid Intake, a rapid e-learning software company has announced their new Flash-based game and interaction builder that works with any rapid e-learning program, including Articulate and Captivate, along with Rapid Intake’s own e-learning tools. The new Rapid SWFMaker doesn’t require any knowledge of Flash or Flash Development.

“We can now get away from those boring powerpoint presentations!” Exclaims Angel N., an e-learning designer. “[This is] a cost efficient tool that will help all eLearning developers take their training to a new level.”

Unlike other e-learning game and interaction templates, with the Rapid SWFMaker no additional software needs to be installed. Because the tool is housed on the web through a browser, interactions can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, by any developer on the account.

Although Rapid Intake offers rapid e-learning tools of their own, their new interaction builder is an online application that can be purchased separately and is compatible with nearly every rapid e-learning tool on the market. Articulate and Captivate users can create their interactions, download a single Flash output file (.swf) for each interaction and add them directly to their e-learning courses.

“This is the easiest e-learning game and interaction creation tool available,” says Jeff Batt, a Flash-developer for Rapid Intake. “It doesn’t matter what tool you use for your e-learning development, you can create an unlimited number of Flash interactions without ever opening Flash. If you can type a sentence, you can use this tool.”

The Rapid SWFMaker uses the form-based approach to e-learning development. To customize the interaction content, the course developer simply fills out the forms, adding audio files and images at each step if desired. The content is automatically placed in the appropriate places and the Rapid SWFMaker builds the interaction in minutes. The developer can then click the “download” button to begin using the interaction, or save it for a later download.

Rapid Intake is the leader in rapid interactive e-learning development and review. Creating online self-paced courses saves companies millions of dollars in travel and other costs while also providing “always-on” access to the latest training. The powerful, flexible Rapid Intake toolset helps instructional designers and content owners collaboratively create Flash-based interactive courses, quizzes, games, and simulations built on proven learning patterns.

Rapid Intake’s unmatched “UNLIMITED Program” backs its award-winning software with innovative licensing and its best-in-class customer support. Hundreds of companies rely on Rapid Intake’s top-ranked technology and support to create more interactive and effective courses in less time.

Rapid Intake. eLearning Tools Without Limits.

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