Owner of Liquid Vitamins Website is Happy to Go to Jail for Good

Business owners tend to stay as far away from jail as possible. But when the "jail" is a restaurant and the "good" is a beneficial action for a deserving organization, the owner of liquid vitamins website LiquidWholeFood.com didn't bat an eye and gladly reported for incarceration.

Online PR News – 29-October-2009 – – Normally, the owner of a company doesn't jump at a chance to go to jail, but for LiquidWholeFood.com owner Carolyn Schlicher, it was an offer she couldn't refuse. Schlicher recently participated in the Muscular Dystrophy Association's (MDA) "Going to Jail for Good" fundraiser, where participants are served a fun warrant that puts them in "jail" and then they raise "bail" by asking local businesses for donations.

Schlicher stated, "In August, I lost a friend of 25 years to ALS. The MDA actually has an ALS division that is researching hard to find a cure for this devastating disease. When I realized LiquiedWholeFood.com could do something else to help those suffering with the whole family of neurodegenerative diseases I signed on immediately."

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) causes nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to slowly stop sending messages to the areas they signal and as a result body functions deteriorate and eventually stop working. It is also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease" after the Hall-of-Fame New York Yankees baseball player who contracted the disease in the 1930s. There is currently no cure for this disease.

Schlicher felt there was no better business to be raising funds for the MDA than a liquid vitamins and liquid supplements vendor. "We are always encouraging people to enjoy even greater health with our liquid vitamins, especially our main product Body Balance. LiquidWholeFood.com believes a business committed to helping people in the role of nutrition in health should also be on the frontlines of bringing awareness to disease and trying to help in multiple ways." LiquidWholeFood.com exclusively sells Body Balance and other Life Force International natural liquid multivitamins, other liquid vitamin supplements, and additional herbal tinctures.

Six weeks before her incarceration, Schlicher set up the website given to her by the MDA to give out to people so they could donate. She created the domain name "HonoringDon.com," after her friend who passed away. She also sent out letters that the MDA crafted for her to people who wouldn't have access to the site. "The heroes here are the people who gave to this cause. I'm pleased that so many businesses wanted to help. I told them that LiquidWholeFood.com had given a certain donation amount and that I was looking for other businesses to match that. They did. In fact, I was told that the Director of Finance of Mechanicsburg, PA-based Versatile Systems, Inc. read the letter and immediately made the donation. That shows the quality of who they are as a company just as much as those business people who showed up the day of the fundraiser."

On October 29, Schlicher reported to "jail" in a downtown restaurant where she was “incarcerated” with other business people who were participating in the program. Each person brought a list of contacts to call and ask for donations on the spot. These donations were added to the earlier donations received on the participant’s website. At the point Mrs. Schlicher left, an estimated $20,000 had been raised. These numbers will continue to grow because the MDA keeps each participant’s website live for another 45 days after the event.

Now that she's been bailed out, Schlicher is back to work. If she feels her business suffered from her absence, she doesn’t show it. “I sell excellent products. I work for an excellent company. I’m so pleased I could be a positive example of who Life Force Intl. is as a company and what their commitment to all people really is.”

If you wish to make a donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association via Mrs. Schlicher’s MDA site, www.HonoringDon.com, will be live until December 10, 2009.