Farha & Associates Launches a Service For Setting Up An HMRC Approved EMI Options Scheme

EMIOptions.co.uk is a company offering helpful articles and resources so you can easily and correctly set up your EMI options scheme.

Online PR News – 03-November-2017 – London,UK – EMIOptions.co.uk is a company offering helpful articles and resources so you can easily and correctly set up your EMI options scheme. The information from EMIOptions.co.uk is designed to help you to build your options scheme so you can focus on building your company. Not only are there useful resources and information to be found on site, they have recently launched the UK’s first dedicated service for setting up an HMRC approved EMI options scheme.

Who Is EMIOptions.co.uk?

EMIOptions.co.uk is a team of lawyers and advisors who have pedigrees in the best law firms in London. The EMI options specialists are available to advise and help you throughout the entire process. A great outcome is virtually guaranteed for you and your team.

EMIOptions.co.uk have a 100% track record of agreeing nominal value valuations with the HMRC in funded but pre-profit companies. We can help you to set a low strike price for your team, so that they get the maximum benefit of the growth they help your company to achieve.

Why Set Up An EMI Options Scheme?

When you set up an EMI compliant share option scheme for your employees, you can help to reduce their tax bill on an exit by as much as 80%. The team at EMIOptions.co.uk can help you through the process and guarantee that your company is eligible for this scheme. You can check your eligibility using the website, making the process even easier.

A Detailed Guide On The Enterprise Management Incentive

On the EMIOptions.co.uk website, you can find a detailed guide on the EMI scheme. This scheme provides distinct tax advantaged for full time employees receiving options in the course of their employment. The scheme is specially designed to be beneficial for smaller companies. With this scheme, you will have the capacity to grant options to chosen staff members. This then permits these staff members to acquire shares in the company over a set time frame, providing these employees meet qualifying condition criteria.

The resources found on EMIOptions.co.uk will also be able to tell you the rules for exercising EMI compliant options, how this type of scheme functions, conditions, for staff members to qualify, and more.

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