HiBoost Announces IOT Remote Monitoring System For Cell Phone Signal Boosters

HiBoost is pleased to announce their newest product added to their line up, the IoT- Remote Monitoring System for cell phone signal boosters.

Online PR News – 01-November-2017 – Dallas, Texas – HiBoost is pleased to announce their newest product added to their line up, the IoT- Remote Monitoring System. The IoT Remote Monitoring System is made to use in conjunction with HiBoost's best-selling Industrial 100K cell phone signal booster. This innovative new offering from HiBoost allows users to monitor and manage individual boosters or separate groups of booster for optimized performance and easier installation.

In addition, this device works with HiBoost's app, Signal Supervisor. Using a Wi-Fi internet, Bluetooth, or cellular data connection, users can monitor everything so their bars stay boosted. the IoT- Remote Monitoring System lets users monitor their booster's performance on-site through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. When working remotely, you can keep an eye on the booster and adjust its parameters using a mobile network connection or Wi-Fi. Monitoring the booster's status also aids in installation, making the process more streamlined. Real-time alerts will help end-users stay up to date about the booster's performance and aid in troubleshooting and preventing issues with signal overload, isolation problems, amongst others.

Users of HiBoost's IoT-Remote Monitoring System can expect the same high performance from this device they've come to associate with the HiBoost brand. All of the IoT-RMS will come kitted with the IoT RMS, a 5V/3A AC/DC Power supply cord, a whip antenna, and communication cable that hook up easily for new or existing Industrial 100K installations.

HiBoost has been a global leader in cell phone signal boosters since 2009. Their boosters are relied upon by consumers, installers, and integrators alike.

HiBoost prides itself on creating quality products, and is always investing back into research and design to create new products that increase the efficiency and reliability of its boosters. Adding the IoT-RMS to an installation project not only aids the initial installation process but allows integrators or users to monitor multiple groups of boosters and maintaining the boosters as well as ensuring steady signal coverage within buildings and over multiple installation sites. This is especially beneficial for larger installations in office parks, hospitals, multi-residential complexes, and other similar structures.

Check out HiBoost's website for more information about their full line of cell phone signal boosters and accessories.

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