Saunders Insignia Announces Custom Made Insignia.

Saunders Military Insignia is calling all insignia collectors. Saunders Insignia has been selling to active military units for 41 years, but more and more business is coming from collectors.

Online PR News – 29-October-2009 – – As a collector of military insignia it is important to find the correct military insignia. If that insignia is no longer available it will need to be custom made from pictures, or from someones memory. Saunders Insignia can make that custom badge.

For example: Do you know who wore the first United States Army shoulder sleeve insignia? The first shoulder sleeve insignia was worn by members of the 81st Infantry Division. This is an important aspect from an insignia collectors point of view. This unit trained at Camp Jackson, South Carolina. Being that Camp Jackson was located on Wildcat Creek the wildcat was chosen to represent the divisions insignia in May of 1918.

In September of 1918 the division was preparing to disembark to France, as a member of the Inspector General's Department questioned that division. "Why were all personnel wearing an insignia with a wildcat on their left sleeve? " The commander of the division explained the meaning of the wildcat insignia and this began the road of approval for shoulder sleeve insignia for the United States Army.
If a collector could not find the wildcat insignia they could contact Saunders Insignia to get it custom made.

"Collectors of U.S. Military insignia in over 30 different countries have come to Saunders Insignia for collecting." They have also supplied museums and American unit enactors in several countries with the items they need to advance their programs. They have supplied veterans families, active military individuals, active military units, and have provisioned several movies with the appropriate U.S. Army insignia.

Saunders Insignia has been providing military insignia, law enforcement patches, and custom made insignia for 41 years to veterans, and collectors. Each and every patch has a history, a story, and someone who wore it with pride.

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