Hosted Knowledge Base by WSS

Web-Site-Scripts Company, the Leading KM System Provider, has presented hosted knowledgebase solution this time.

Online PR News – 29-October-2009 – – Web-Site-Scripts Company, the global leader in knowledge management software, announced today that they provide servers for knowledgebase hosting.

New so-called SaS knowledge base service by WSS Company follows popular nowadays trend to provide software as a service. This approach helps to remove any technical barriers for company that needs a knowledge base. It is known that information technologies were invented to make life easier and simplify solution of tasks that would be hard or impossible to solve without computers. However extension of functionalities and complication of systems leads to the situation that user needs quite high skills to be efficient. This sad fact makes many advantages of business process automation not as great as they could be.

Knowledge base management software by WSS Company already established reputation as user friendly easy-to-use software. Now WSS Company gives a solution for the previously mentioned problem by providing knowledge management service. It simplifies the process of deployment and maintenance of knowledge base system. WSS Company takes charge of installation of server software and hosted knowledge base software, updates, back-ups, and security, thereby client gets only what he really needs – knowledge base for his goals. No worries about technical details.

It happens sometimes that company uses technologies on its servers different from those required for knowledge base software. Usage of this software may be quite ineffective in this case. It would be necessary to dedicate a server for installation of different platform software and administrators may not have enough experience to work with it. Possibly company would even need to hire a specialist for support of technologies that are new for the company. This problem can be easily solved by using ready knowledge base hosting. In this case all technical questions are solved by company that runs host for knowledge base.

"It is necessary sometimes to install additional modules, for example for document indexation", - says Edward Nikolaev, Head of Support Department of Web-Site-Scripts Company."These are free modules and it doesn't take much time to install them, but it is not always easy to convince hosting company or system administrator to do that. This problem never occurs when you use knowledge base service though."

Large companies involve many people to knowledge base contributing and thus need a license with large number of user accounts supported. With hosted knowledge base it is easier to start because you can subscribe for a small pay-as-you-go monthly fee instead of purchasing owned license. WSS Company includes two free months for annual subscription and thus helps to save on long-term subscriptions.

About Web-Site-Scripts Company:
Web-Site-Scripts Company, the leader in knowledge management service, makes it possible for any business to accumulate and use knowledge, thus reduce expenses on customer support and increase by up to 50% decision-making quality, staff agility, and company reaction speed to changes of market needs. New products development cycle decreases by 20% in average. Company focus on modern technologies that increase software performance and provide users with rich user interface allowed Web-Site-Scripts to take a dominant position on market and have more than 30'000 clients over the world.

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