A Revolutionary New Mate To Marriage Program Launches In The US

Trinity Systems Technologies Unveils A Revolutionary New Mate To Marriage Program Targeting Singles

Online PR News – 24-April-2009 – – ATLANTA, GA (April 24, 2009) - Trinity Systems Technologies Incorporated (TST) an emerging technologies and services research, development and commercialization firm today announces a new revolutionary service that targets unmarried singles looking to wed. The service is called Marriage12Step.com, a marriage matchmaking and premarital counseling certification program that enable unmarried adults to enter a structured ‘twelve step’ premarital program single but conclude the program, in approximately 18 months, with a spouse.

“Marriage12Step.com is the first, all inclusive, Mate to Marriage (M2M) service of its kind in the United States-- and to our knowledge throughout the world,” says Tracy Oden Marriage12Step.com founder.

According to Oden, Marriage12Step.com is, for her, more of a mission rather than it being about innovation. “Marriage12Step.com’s grassroots goal is to reinvigorate the moral fiber of the unmarried individual and by doing so to ultimately strengthen the American family.”

Oden says the Marriage12Step.com service fills the need for a growing trend in society--men and women seeking to marry but who are unable to find suitable spouses. “A large portion of the American population, over the age of 21, is finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable marriage candidates due to various societal reasons. While popular media attempts to glamorize the single life; a vast majority of singles are increasingly despondent.""Many singles are plagued by sexual promiscuity, isolation, abandonment, loneliness, fear, rejection, anger and desperation. Many more are emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. The heart of the Marriage12Step.com program is to help marriage minded individuals not only find the mate of their dreams; but to enable them to mentally, spiritually, financially and psychologically prepare for the marriage union.""It is our sincere prayer that these individuals will take the skill-sets learned from Marriage12Step.com and consistently apply them to their daily lives as a couple.”

Oden is a born again Christian. The Marriage12Step.com program, she says, was built squarely upon biblical principles. “Rather than rely on man’s wisdom which obviously doesn’t seem to work since divorce rates and broken families are at unprecedented levels; we decided to build the Marriage12Step.com program upon the greatest wisdom ever known—the bible.”

The founder is adamant in pointing out that Marriage12Step.com is not a church. “Marriage12Step.com is a professional matchmaking and premarital counseling service--period. We simply provide a holistic approach to professional matchmaking. Our therapeutic marriage and family counseling services are led by state licensed clinical psychologists. Our spiritual counseling program is led by nondenominational ordained ministers.”

While the program is built squarely upon biblical principles, The Marriage12Step.com service uses the latest in modern technologies to match singles with ‘equally yoked’ partners. “The M2M matching process is integrated into our computer system’s proprietary matching algorithms. Our members are matched according to a variety of scientific variables including their own personality traits, the member’s mate preferences, counseling stats and more.”

Marriage12Step.com is a member’s only program. Applicants must pass an extensive background check as well as a drug and alcohol screen for admittance. “Only those having a prior criminal conviction of a crime against a person are excluded from our program. We do this to ensure that our members are safe.” Oden says it is also important to note that Marriage12Step.com does not exclude members with a past criminal history other than that of a crime against a person. “If a member has a criminal past, we disclose this information to the member’s potential mate, prior to them meeting, to enable the potential mate to determine if he or she is willing to get to know the individual. Of course we do this without violating the confidentiality of the member with the criminal past while empowering the potential mate to make the ‘get to know’ decision.”

Is Marriage12Step.com for everyone? According to the service’s founder, no. “The Marriage12Step.com service is only for those that are seriously interested in marrying and entering into a lasting union. Marriage12Step.com is not a dating service. We leave that to the thousands of services on the market. Marriage12Step.com is; however, for those individuals that are tired of going it (attempting to find a spouse) alone--randomly hoping to meet their soul mate. We seek to help people who do not enjoy dating; ones that have been in and out of unsuccessful relationships or have had trouble in the past meeting a person—or even being a person of integrity, on their own. Our program is designed to holistically help individuals become the person they seek while helping them marry the same.”

For more information about Marriage12Step.com visit www.marriage12step.com.

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