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Online PR News – 27-October-2017 – Baulkham Hills – As I was returning home late one night I noticed my friend Adrian who live one lane before my house, stuffing his SUV with some large suitcases. I also notice he was putting smaller cases on the the second row seat of his vehicle which I though was odd considering they were a family of 5. So I stopped at his curb and got out of my own SUV and walk over. I offered him help to which he laughingly asked if I could somehow make the suitcases disappear and then reappear at their destination. Read on to know what happened next.

I almost laughed and said “no” but then an idea struck me. Adrian's SUV was the same brand as mine – a slightly older model but same brand, design and shape. So instead I said “sure Ad, I'm sure I can do just that”. And as Adrian watched with a puzzled look on his face, I walked back to my SUV, got the tool kit out and unscrewed my roof rack – it took just 5 minutes to remove my Thule brand roof rack.

I walked back to Adrian's SUV with the rack and tool kit and as Adrian watched open mouthed, fitted the roof rack on Adrian's SUV. As I suspected, it was a perfect match. In 5 minutes I was done. No hassle at all. Next Adrian and not only loaded all the large suitcases onto the roof rack, we loaded the smaller ones too. Next we belted in the spring loaded ties and locked everything in place. “Tada” I said dramatically, “bags gone, seats clear”. Just then his wife and kids trooped out probably wondering what the commotion was all about. Suffice to say that they were all quite happy that would not have to share seating space with luggage. I could see the huge relief on their faces especially the kids who I guess would have been sitting behind.

Yup, road trips are certainly fun but not if you end up with a heavy bag on your lap or having to place your feet at an awkward angle because of big bag occupying space near your feet. Loading up a roof rack with your suitcases is the ideal way to travel and let your family truly enjoy the trip.

When Adrian came back rather than return my roof rack, he decided to keep it and instead, bought me a newer model of the one I lent him – his way of saying thank you! But hey, I'm not saying I wasn't happy.

The only thing you got remember when you load up your Rhino Racks Australia is to keep your stuff secure and you do that by ensure everything is tied down securely using the ties provided for the job and then locking it with locks. This not only ensures there is no rattling when you travel, it also ensures, nothing falls off or is stolen when you make a stop.

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