InterWeave Smart Solutions brings WooCommerce Sales Data into your Financials and your CRM Solution

InterWeave Smart Solutions integrates WooCommerce sales data directly into your Financial Application, and then your CRM

Online PR News – 25-October-2017 – New York, NY – InterWeave Smart Solutions provides seamless integration between CRM Solutions, Financial Applications, ACH/Credit Card payment Gateways, Customer Portals, Point of Sales Systems, ecommerce, ERP and much more.

Integration Technologies, Inc. (IT)(dba InterWeave Smart Solutions), the market and technology leader in on-demand Solutions Integration, today announced a new Integration Solution; WooCommerce sales data directly into your Financial Application, and then your CRM. This Solution joins the robust Integration offerings from InterWeave Smart Solutions. InterWeave offers the industry’s first and only: CRM, Accounting, ACH/CC Payment Gateway, Customer Portals, Point of Sales Systems, ERP, eCommerce, Billing, and Customer Service application integrations with configuration in a "Self-Service SaaS" model. Users directly configure their integrations between applications, with 100's of configurable options available per solution.

"InterWeave integrates WooCommerce sales as receipts, invoices, or sales orders in your Financial Application, then as Opportunities, Orders of Custom Objects in your CRM. We automatically assign’s sales transactions to the appropriate accounts, based on payment method, discounts, promotions, and additionally fees and expenses to your Financial Application, and then your CRM," said Bruce Magown, CEO, Integration. Technologies. “Features like (below) are available," said Magown.

• Manage, sync, track, and expand your product listings on your WordPress site based on the QB Item List; fully integrated with Financial Application Items and CRM Products
• Instantly sync’s price and quantity between your WooCommerce extension and your Financial Application Inventory/Advanced Inventory, then CRM Products
• Seamlessly integrates WooCommerce products in Financial Application; automatically creates missing products in Financial Application (Sage, MS Dynamics and more), then in CRM Products

“Regarding our Smart Solutions, you don’t need to be a technical resource, analyst or developer. We supply the Smart Solution, the servers, the solution specialist personnel, but most important; we supply the application knowledge at a process, data and technical level through years of working with them - in configurable form,” said Bruce Magown, CEO of Integration Technologies, Inc. This is available today. There are a variety of InterWeave Smart Solutions available; from CRM, Financial, ACH/CC Payment Gateways, ERP, eCommerce, POS, Billing, Order Entry, Customer Portals and more. Contact us at 800-671-8692 x 1, email or go to http://http:// for more information.

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