“Through Frosted Glass” by Robin Blick is published

Engaging autobiography about the fascinating life of an historian, political provocateur and talented entertainer.

Online PR News – 26-October-2017 – London, UK – ISBN #978-1787194700

“Through Frosted Glass” by Robin Blick is published

Engaging autobiography about the fascinating life of an historian, political provocateur and talented entertainer

About the Book:

To change the world, it’s a tall order, leaving little time for love. Passion must stand in line and wait its turn. This engrossing autobiography traces the path of a true love that never ran smooth, yet triumphed with the passing of time. The author’s Dark Lady is a constantly felt presence and a promise, parenthesising his hectic life of political engagement. Along this bumpy road, the author has close encounters with the great, the good and the ugly of the political establishment and the world of entertainment, while somehow still finding the time to write three studies of 20th century totalitarianism and feature as a multi-instrumental Jazzer on BBC radio and at Ronnie Scotts, the Millennium Dome and Tony Blair’s Downing Street Christmas party. History teaches that rarely if ever does revolution measure up to the dream. But true love changed and fulfilled the author’s life where revolution failed.

About the Author:
Robin Blick is the author of Stalinism in Britain (New Park Publications, 1970), a study of the politics of the British Communist Party, and Fascism in Germany (Steyne Publications, 1975), both under the pen name Robert Black. The latter two-volume work, of 1100 pages, examines the roots of fascism and Marxism in Germany as well as Italy and Russia within the context of its effects on Germany. Robin also wrote The Seeds of Evil, a critique of Lenin’s political philosophy and tactics, and many other important books and articles about the socialist movement and anti-semitism. Now retired from his career as a college lecturer in history and politics, Robin is a part-time jazz musician.

Excerpt from the Book:

“Interviewed by the News of the World, Mark understandably focused on the disgraced leader’s penchant for wife-snatching, while I kept the party clean, and gave an account of how I was beaten up by Healy at one of his summer camps. I also helped draft a Daily Mirror editorial on Healy’s dependence on Arab dictators and penned a feature for the New Statesman that compared the WRP to religious cults. I argued that ‘the WRP shouldn’t be treated as a secular political movement but as one in the tradition of the millennial movements of the early modern age, along with religious cults like the Moonies and the “People’s Temple” of Jim Jones’. Tim agreed. He cited this passage in his On the Edge, and generously conceded that ‘Robin Blick, Mark Jenkins and the late Adam Westoby were among the first to point out the cultic nature of the Healy group and to encourage a look at the political cult phenomenon as a whole’.
His expulsion, public disgrace and ridicule were pretty much my swan song so far as the vendetta with Healy was concerned, except for a frustrated attempt to attend his funeral in December 1989. I was excluded by guards who had been posted at the door of the crematorium to ensure that only those of the approved political persuasion and loyalties would be allowed to witness the proceedings. It must have been on this basis that two of those made welcome were Ken Livingstone and one the chief mourners, Vanessa Redgrave.
Despite the continued adulation that he received from Ken Livingstone and the West End faction, headed by the doting Vanessa Redgrave, after the 1985 debacle and the public ridicule that followed, Healy was finished. And so, when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down four years later, was the empire founded by his two mentors, Lenin and Trotsky, together with its labour camps, KGB hospitals and hounding of dissenters. Mark, Adam and I were out of a job.”

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