Das Writing Services Introduces the Latest Google Mantra in Web Page Writing Services

Das Writing Services is incorporating the latest Google updates in their Web page writing services to ensure a higher ranking to clients' website.

Online PR News – 26-October-2017 – Kolkata, India – Das Writing Services is introducing hailing updates in their web page writing services which promise better traffic. These new approaches, style and method are new in the industry and are expecting to help draw more customers.

The company is budding a revelation in their web content writing style. Their motto is not only to focus on SEO but also to give equal importance to ‘reader’s perspective.’ As the company informed, this is one of the major things that most people usually look through.

Along with it, another mistake that the company pointed about web page writing is the fact about updating.

“Any page that is in Google will process with the SEO guidelines, which keep on changing almost every season. However, you will not find the web page contents getting updated accordingly. As a result, most of the websites start losing rank in Google Index”, said the digital marketing analyst.

Addressing this point, Das Writing Services ( DWS ) is incorporating the new SEO guidelines in their website content writing services. Firstly, they have put their focus on the keyword usage which has now changed. Presently, as per Google SEO, the keyword density need not be 1%; it can be less.

Another very significant thing that the company is planning is to improve the formatting. Every page in website content must have a different format. This makes a remarkable difference as readers will be able to see the service highlights and key points instantly.

They also gave an important survey data which shows, only 16% of the people read a web page word-to-word; rest try to find the service highlights and company details. DWS also puts their focus on systematically placing the information.

Furthermore, the company is adding the hit of writing tone. “Web pages must have a professional yet communicative tone. Only then will a visitor find it reliable”, commented the senior content strategist.

To make their web content writing services impeccable, they have also introduced systematic notifications. Here, every client of the company will get an update notification every three months to ensure that the content doesn’t turn static.

The charges for further update will not be as per page but as per words.

CEO of DWS said, “We make sure that every client who takes service from us does not feel this to be an extra expense; rather an investment that will fetch better benefits.”

About the company:

Das Writing Services is a reliable content writing company providing a plethora of services that fix upon improving client website ranking. Till now, they have 6 different categories including articles, blogs, social media, press releases, technical writing and web page writing services. Moreover, as of date, they have strength of more than 950 clients all over the world and have successfully completed 6500+ different projects.