Gurin Body Weighing Scale Now Available At Lower Price

Gurin Body Weighing Scale is one of the finest scales in the segment, got four sensors, topped with tempered glass.

Online PR News – 25-October-2017 – Tustin – Gurin Body Weighing Scale is one of the finest scales in the segment, got four sensors, topped with tempered glass, bright display, accurately measures the weight and is available at lower price.
With growing awareness, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and are trying to follow a fitness regime. Whether doing a workout in a hi-tech gym or doing yoga at home one of the essential equipment used is a weighing scale. It measures your body weight, gives you update every time you stand on it and no fitness goal is complete without this device. When you get such an important device at a reduced price, it would definitely exalt the happiness of buying it. Gurin has recently lowered the price of its body weighing scale, making a lot of buzzes and it's been noted that many people have already benefited with the offer. Although, the brand has not mentioned the specific time period for this special offer, however, speculations are there that it's valid only for limited period. Gurin Weighing Scale it's loaded with the digital format, making it quite facile to measure to the body weight.
Gurin digital body scale is empowered with four, advanced & high precision sensors, measuring up to 180 kg weight with high accuracy. With such adept sensors, one can completely rely on the weights displayed by the device. One of the important features of the device is it being auto-calibrated, making it quite easy to measures the weight with high accuracy.
To measure the weight, a user simply needs to step on the weighing scale and within a fraction of seconds, the result with be displayed in the digital format on the LCD screen given on the device. It has got a decent size of LCD screen supported with backlight and it's large size fonts, makes it facile to view the readings even in dark. It's topped with tempered glass, that's four times stronger than the normal glass, which not only increases its life but also gives it a glossy finish and even making it easy to clean. A user can change the units from kg/lb/St and can select the one he/she is comfortable in.
It's an energy efficient device, as it turns on when the user steps on it and it turns off automatically after the user steps down from the device.