Ecosmob Announced IPTV Application Development

Entertainment is a never ending industry and television is one of the majorly used entertainment platforms.

Online PR News – 25-October-2017 – Texas – IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) has revolutionized the way we watch a TV. Traditional cable television has many constraints and IPTV comes as an answer to these hurdles. It can stream the media instead of downloading and the user can view content as it streamed on the device.

Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited, a prominent VoIP solution and mobile app development service provider, has announced IPTV application development services. Speaking on this occasion, a company representative has shared his thoughts regarding the importance of IPTV apps and his company’s objective behind announcing IPTV app development with these words: “When it comes to a customizable user experience, IPTV has no alternative. At Ecosmob, we strive for providing the client-centric IT solutions using the technological advancements. We offer customized IPTV apps to get the most from this revolutionary technology. Talking about the benefits of IPTV applications, I can mention a few of them: The user can readily search the IPTV content as we offer a customized user interface. Our IPTV solution also allows two-way communications between the content and the user. Secondly, a customized IPTV application, developed by our experienced developers, can facilitate the business to enhance branding as the companies can show various business activities, new updates, and the like. It’s also easy to generate revenue with the help of advertisements in IPTV applications. In a way, an IPTV application with desired features can open the doors of many opportunities for the business.” He concluded.

A technical head of mobile and IPTV app development department at Ecosmob elaborated the benefits of IPTV applications with these words: “ An IPTV can provide a plethora of services like digital signage, video-on-demand, scheduled recording and playback, and the like. When a company wants to establish offshore offices to expand the business and gain a competitive edge over their peers in the current age of globalization, IPTV can assist the company in eliminating accommodation and traveling-related expenses through a customized app. It’s easy to arrange a training session and meeting abroad as the company can make the video content that can be streamed to the employees using an application. Companies can monetize the IPTV app through offering paid videos and pay-per-view content. Enterprises can also spread awareness about their business among a vast Internet-using audience with the help of IPT applications. We, at Ecosmob, offer 360-degree IPTV app solutions to our enterprise clients.” He concluded.

Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited is known for providing extensive technical assistance and high-quality IT solutions globally. The company has accomplished various projects in the domains of VoIP, mobile apps, and web development across different industry sectors.

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