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Bath Video Agency helps small business owners get more traffic, more leads and more customers to their website a head of their competition with video marketing!

Online PR News – 24-October-2017 – Bath, Avon – Every month, millions of local Business owners are getting left behind by marketing their business the old way, completely unaware they could be tapping into the massive exploding market that is video marketing. Unfortunately, only a handful of agencies, currently provide a legitimate service at an affordable price. This makes it difficult, for small business to find a quality affordable video marketing service.

Bath Video Agency has been keeping up with the latest cutting edge information on video marketing. “You never know whether you’re going to make the right choice when it comes to safety and reliability" says Steven Crosby, one of the staff members at the;

Bath Video Agency provides marketing videos for small business at an affordable price. Do you need a digital marketer to take care of your entire digital marketing campaign? Well, bath video agency not only takes care of your video marketing needs, but will also take care of your SEO efforts and social media announcements helping your websites become the authority site over your competitors.

Having a sound video marketing plan for your business will help you in several ways?

a) Incredible First Impression -
Having your own video commercial allows you to make an incredible first impression. If you were looking at two different company websites in your area, one had an eye-catching video and the other that didn’t…which would you pick? This is why video marketing will be incredible for your business.

b) Video conveys your message ten times faster then text alone - Video is a very powerful way to share more about your business with your target audience, because when presented in the form of a short video, it draws you in. It makes a connection with the viewer. It’s powerful.

c) Video marketing is Surprisingly Affordable - hiring a local video production firm to come out to your place of business, it would be very expensive, several thousand dollars, at least. Bath Video Agency custom marketing videos are something we provide that is a fraction of the cost. Our rates are surprisingly affordable. also specializes in cutting-edge technology to create videos for small businesses that are compelling, eye-catching, and converting. To cut it short, our videos are going to get more people through the doors of your business.

To learn more about how custom marketing videos can start helping your business increase its traffic, leads, and customers base.

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