NY Poetry Of Society Announces The Family Love Poem Of The Year

My Two Daughters By Paul S Sran

Online PR News – 21-October-2017 – New York, NY – When I see you both I see beauty, I see lights so bright. When I see you I see love that's pure as a Dove. You two mean the world to me as one. You both shine like the sun. I am here to love you, to protect you, I am here to shield you, I am here to believe in you, the years have gone oh so quickly. Words can not characterize or portray my love for you. As I write this simple poem to you. I am here for only a short while. Then my time will be up. But I will look down and smile from above.

Love fights, love delights, love cries in the rain, love takes away the pain, love warms the sun, love runs, love lights the moon, love leaves too soon, love lights the stars, love stops the war, love opens many doors, love searches and never tires, love flies like a dove without a worry, love purrs like a kitten, love has no price, love can't be bought, love can't be taught, love is white as snow, love has a beautiful glow, Love smells like a flower, love towers over all, love never grows old, love is never cold, love cries yet never dies, love lights our path, love never gets lost, love has no cost, love continues to burn, love asks for nothing in return