Author Shares The Truth About The Rape Culture: A Memoir

Author Shares The Truth About The Rape Culture: A Memoir

Online PR News – 19-October-2017 – Greeley, CO – Olga C. Torres was born in Fort Bliss, Texas on July 12, 1948 and was raised in Greeley, Colorado. She has four beautiful children, three living and one already in heaven. She studied at Aims Community College and took CNA classes. Being a cancer survivor, Torres had her own business in assisted living and worked at hospitals and nursing homes.

Torres pens Identity: A Child’s Cry, a memoir that she dedicates to the people, preceded by the TV mogul Oprah Winfrey, who became her inspiration for her untiring faith. Torres’s bravery and unyielding power serve as an eye-opener to the readers. Her transformation from being a victim to being a survivor will encourage those who are battling against rape and the ones who educate other people about the rape culture.

Identity: A Child’s Cry accounts how sexual abuse directly impacts the survivors of sexual assault. It tackles relevant subject that calls for attention. While so many voices are unheard, Torres puts a notable sense of honesty as she dares not to suppress the trauma that sexual abuse brings, as dealing with the after effects of rape is a long-term procedure. In a riveting note by Torres: “A note to all of you who think that suicide is a way out. Maybe so, but remember, yes there will be tears for only that day of your funeral, but the world goes on living without you. And your name will be in the obituaries, but that too will fade away. And not everyone will be able to do this on their own, so do yourselves a good thing, call someone and ask for help”, she straightforwardly boosts the victims to seek for emotional support.

Torres’s Identity: A Child’s Cry rouses every reader’s emotions, may they be victims of the sexual abuse, survivors of sexual assault, or educators of the rape culture. This serves as a guide and support. A wakeup call that makes one realize those people who really matter, those who never did, the ones who do not matter anymore, and those who will always matter.

About the Author:
Olga Torres aims community College certificate of nurse aide, & certificate of recognition in Poudre Valley Hospital Hospice Volunteer Training in Olga’s home sweet home. Presidro INC Certificate Foster Care & Private Security Service License. Olga’s place for candy & Member of Chamber of Commerce GREELY Co. and Advantage Solutions. I’m a cancer survivor. I live in Greely Co. with my daughter, and her family. Yes, she’s into writing and doing this, and why because she wishes to keep on doing things to succeed in life, and that anyone can do it, and most of all to open our minds to help others that we can do it, do not let others say or tell you, that you cannot do it. Try it for yourselves.

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