Free Webinars Covering GDPR and Paper-lite Office

DPS Software announce free webinars on paper lite working and how to use their case management software to meet GDPR security

Online PR News – 16-October-2017 – November 2017 - London – DPS Software announce today that they were hosting Free Webinars covering GDPR and Paper-lite working. These webinars are an ideal way for bite size learning. These series of free Webinars from DPS have some seriously interesting content. rnrnThey last no more than 90 minutes each and could help firms learn how to get so much more from their systems.rnrnThe beauty of bite sized learning is that it is really focussed on a specific problem and how to deal with it. rnrnThe enormity of DPS case software means sitting and learning all its functionality in one go is simply unrealistic. The webinars cover very specific areas that if adopted by law firms can give immediate savings and efficiency.rnrnPaper Lite Working – Webinar 2nd November 2017rnrnSo many firms talk the talk but few manage to walk the walk! rnrnMany DPS clients are paper lite and this webinar tells you how they have achieved it. DPS has specific paper lite aspects and this webinar examines how you can use them to best advantage.rnrnCourts, land registry MOJ and other public bodies are changing so law firms need to follow suit. This is what makes it vital for firms to learn how they can also make this efficiency and gain from the savings that follow.rnrnThere is a choice though, Paperless or Paper Lite? Paperless is probably unrealistic because it means ditching the paper altogether. rnrnThe legal profession is probably not quite ready for this. This webinar and our specialists will guide you through your transition to Paper Lite. rnrnIt is powered by your DPS practice management software. rnrnThis webinar is a must for anyone interested in paper lite working check it out here rnrn will GDPR affect you? Webinar 9th November 2017rnrnThis webinar gives you an overview of the key themes of Law Firms and GDPR. It covers how DPS software amendments help you meet the GDPR. rnrnClearly no software can meet GDPR alone, it is the way the firm uses the software. However this webinar introduces you to the aspects of your DPS software help you meet the requirements. rnrnThis webinar also covers the specifics of how a hosting provider can help you meet GDPR. What do you need to see in the hosting contracts to cover GDPR? How does hosting affect your duties under GDPR?rnrnThis webinar covers ‘controllers’ and ‘processors’ and how and why personal data is processed. If you are a processor we cover your specific legal obligations. rnrnIf you are a controller, you are not relieved of your obligations when a processor is involved so how to you comply with the GDPR.rnrnImportantly what can you do to get ready for the new GDPR? All of the points will be covered during the DPS GDPR webinar which is free to registered users.