Kiasuplumber Extends Services to Residential and Commercial Painting

Kiasuplumber, a Singapore-based company that deals primarily with plumbing installa-tion and repair matters.

Online PR News – 14-October-2017 – singapore – Kiasuplumber, a Singapore-based company that deals primarily with plumbing installa-tion and repair matters, recently announced they are expanding their services to cater to the painting needs of consumers. The management of Kiasuplumber is committing to this brand new service in order to fulfil an integral requirement for property owners.

To accomplish this task in a manner that exceeds expectations, Kiasuplumber uses premium paint products and materials that ensure nothing but long-lasting and highly-satisfactory painting services from the ground up.

Unlike other painting services, you can be sure the final painting result will be more du-rable and tough against any kind of damage or severe weather conditions. Instead, what you’ll get in return is a finished painting process that lives up to your standards.

Along with the usage of these paint products and materials, experience is another factor Kiasuplumber can boast of. This company employs a team of dedicated and experi-enced contractors to handle each of their customers’ painting needs.

Kiasuplumber did not settle for only a capable team of painting pros. Instead, the com-pany brought to its pool, painters who have accumulated years of training and on-the-job experience in this specific industry. Thus, you need not worry about the quality of their work.
Furthermore, speed will not be an issue when you hire Kiasuplumber’s painting team. These reliable contractors know the painting process perfect for your property and the proper methods to achieve your planned outcome.

To make sure all customers will be serviced properly, Kiasuplumber has made an effort to increase its manpower. This action will allow you to have your property painted right away. As a result, you will not have to wait for a long period of time before your property is painted according to your preferences.

This increase of manpower also allows Kiasuplumber to be more efficient in time and effort in serving its wide range of customers without any compromise.

Just like their unparalleled and proven plumbing repair and installation services, Kiasu-plumber is offering their painting expertise to residential home owners and commercial space operators.
These two types of real estate owners can now hire this Singapore-based company to have their respective properties painted in a proper and time-efficient manner. Property owners will also have the assurance of safety, professionalism, and quality when they obtain the services of Kiasuplumber to paint their homes or commer-cial spaces.

Before 2017 is done, Kiasuplumber has started their painting service to end the year with an established client base. This strong support created this 2017 will propel Kiasu-plumber’s painting venture for 2018 and beyond. This will result in an exponential in-crease in the company’s quality service and professionalism for all of the years to come.

Kiasuplumber embarks on this new venture as a way of serving the people of Singapore better. Located in Maxwell Road, Kiasuplumber is among the trusted companies that provide a wide range of plumbing services in Singapore. This company has a proven track record to providing concrete and long-lasting solutions for various handyman needs related to plumbing and electrical concerns. Armed with a new mission, Kiasu-plumber aims to strengthen its capabilities by providing a new and better painting option that can certainly benefit you for the long run.