Money Trade Coin had accquired 100% stake of Summit Wealth Management

Money Trade Coin has acquired the complete stake of Summit Wealth Managementrnforemost financial advisory firm of Switzerland!

Online PR News – 13-October-2017 – Maharashtra – Money Trade Coin has acquired the complete stake of Summit Wealth Managementrnforemost financial advisory firm of Switzerland!rnMoney Trade Coin is emerging as world’s fastest growing Cryptocurrency in the virtualrncurrency market. Money Trade Coin had formerly created its niche with assorted andrndistinct characters such as 84 million partially pre-mined coins, Highly E-secured wallet,rnBiometric identification, Multistep verification, AML & KYC guidelines for safety of users.rnWe are delighted to take the opportunity to apprise that Money Tarde Coin has procuredrn100% stake of Summit Wealth Management a leading financial advisory firm for assetrnmanagement and financial planning based in Zug, Switzerland.rnSummit Wealth Management serves personalized extensive services with all the keyrnprinciples in its platter such as proficient and dedicated team, expertise in investmentrnacquaintance, high industrial connects and innovative, an effective consultancy.rnTo achieve financial success in today’s complex skeleton of global economy, financialrnconsultant plays a vital role. Summit Wealth Management has its wings into manifoldrnfinancial segments namely Tax Advice, Wills and Trust, Protection, Investments, Pension andrnForeign Exchange.rnSummit Wealth Management relishes association with leading financial institutes in thernworld like GAM, BNP Paribas, Swiss Life, Old Mutual, Sovereign & Momentum granting theirrnclient and advisors a wide range of possibility to select a right option to meet needs of theirrnpersonal financial plans.rnFounder and Director of Money Trade Coin Mr. Amit Lakhanpal will be undertaking thernwork to thrive the further success of the company under his great vision and allegiance.rnAssociation Romande Des Intermediaries Financiers (ARIF) was founded in Geneva on 15thrnMarch 1999 is a non- profit making organization working to intercept activities on moneyrnlaundering and terrorist financing. ARIF is the only self-regulatory organization inrnSwitzerland with over 490 members.rnSwiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority recognized the self-regulatory authority backrnin 2009 and stated code of conduct for independent asset management sector.rnSummit Wealth Management AG being affiliated member of ARIF avail prominence intornprofessional activities and promise conformity with understanding under MLA and ARIF’srndecree of self-regulation rules.rnARIF under ARIF’s code of deontology facilitates Summit Wealth Management to practicernCollective investment instrument as an asset manager or investment advisor.