Freight Forwarding Trends and Statistics, What Texas Global Services can do for you

Texas Global Services in Houston providing exports of commercial freight and personal effects. We create end to end solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Online PR News – 17-October-2017 – Houston, TX – Texas Global Services is a family owned and operated freight forwarder, located in Houston, TX. We create end to end solutions tailored to fit each client because each client and shipment are unique. We guaranty you will not be treated like a number. We have extensive experience in the oil & gas, construction and medical industries. No matter what your business is, Texas Global Services wants to export your commercial freight, personal effects, cars, even the entire contents of your home are no match for Texas Global. We are a full service international freight forwarding and logistics company.

Here are some current trends in the industry you might find interesting: Flatbed Truck to load ratio is at 36:1. 90% of all goods are shipped by ocean, 7.7 billion tons in cargo for $380 billion in freight charges. Why? Because Ocean shipping is affordable. You can ship a product from one continent to another for processing and ship it back for cheaper than what it would cost to process on that continent. The average container goes around the moon and almost back to Earth in one year of it's travels or 400K miles. Ocean shipping remains the safest form of transporting goods. The Greek Merchant Fleet represents 16% of the industry and is the leader. Although Japan has more ships, Greece exceeds their tonnage and Germany holds third position while China and then the US finally at 5th. Over 1.5 million workers operate all the different ships: General cargo ships, Bulk carriers, Fishing vessels, Container ships, Passenger ships and Tankers.

What can Texas Global Services do for you? When choosing a freight forwarder, you're choosing a business partner that is going to help your business succeed. We are a family owned and operated business. Your success is our success. We have a vested interest in helping you with the intimidating task of acting as an intermediary between the shipper and various transportation services such as ocean shipping on cargo ships, trucking, expedited shipping by air freight, and moving goods by rail. No matter what happens, we will be working for you the entire time. That's a promise.

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