New Evolutions in Jewelry Display Lighting Appeal to Business Owners

Econo-Lite Products revolutionizes jewelry display lighting with their new LED Vantage Lighting system.

Online PR News – 28-October-2009 – – Econo-Lite, a division of Eco-Lite Products, is revolutionizing the LED lighting industry with their latest product, the LED Vantage©. Their patented, spring-loaded technology allows for quick and easy installation and premium lighting results.

The LED Vantage © is made in the USA and is the result of over a year of testing and refinement, while working in partnership with the finest LED engineers in the country. Each LED strip contains sophisticated processors and regulators to ensure that the color and power of the light remains consistent from end to end. The LED Vantage© is custom made to fit inside of any showcase and is secured to the case using Econo-Lite’s patented spring-loaded technology, which allows for a quick and simple installation.

According to Howard Gurock, President of Econo-Lite, several technological firsts have been incorporated into the LED Vantage©, which makes the product particularly appealing for business owners. “We have designed our LED using a wire-free component design that joins each LED strip in such a way that repairs (if ever needed) become so easy that you wouldn’t have to return the LED showcase lighting to us. In addition, each section of our LED strips contains its own regulators and processors –- sort of mini-engines – that keep each diode running at the same color and power, end to end, so the left side of the strip looks exactly the same as the right side.”

The diodes used in Econo-Lite’s showcase LED lighting are another premium feature of the LED Vantage©. They are configured so that if one goes out, the rest of the diodes (lights) remain nice and bright. The advanced, wireless connections between LED strips also permit the showcase LED fixture to remain lit, in case one section goes out. Gurock says that these high quality LED’s are binned specifically for Econo-Lite’s Color Perfect Jewelry Lighting™ system, which means that there will not be a variation in the color of the LED strips that is often seen in LED strips of questionable origin. Gurock added, “Our LED’s produce a crisp white light that is free of unnatural tones. Each diode in our showcase LED lighting delivers 100 lumens per watt for just the right amount of light power. Each LED strip is custom made at no extra charge to fit perfectly inside of any showcase, any style.”

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