Weekly Hotels Announced Benefits of Their Extended Stay Hotels Search Filters Benefits for Users

Weekly Hotels is an extended stay hotel search and booking portal which adds a range of features to provide best in the industry service to travelers.

Online PR News – 11-October-2017 – New York – Weekly Hotels is one of the pioneers in extended stay hotel business. The company has been launching and sharing customer centric features and policies along with the statistics to contribute in the process of better user experience. By following this custom, recently, the spokesperson of the company announced about their filters and how it is beneficial to its users.

According to the shared details, there are multiple search filters available in the stated weekly stay hotel search and booking portal which helps users to find their ideal hotel in the fewest clicks possible. Below is the brief of available features which can be used to find the best weekly hotel for an extended stay:
The users can define their budget using the Price slider. This filter ensures the listed hotel in the search results are according to the chosen price range.

Star Rating:
There is a search filter with above mentioned label, which allows user to find hotels with one star to five stars. This filter helps users to find the extended stay hotel with specified star ratings only. Please be noted, this is the rating of the hotel itself which it holds.

Guest Rating:
Another search filter available on the Weekly Hotels is ‘Guest Rating’. This is similar to Star Rating. It filters hotels based on the selected stars from one to five. However, the considerable difference is, it indicates the ratings given by the guest who ever stayed at this hotel and judged based on their experience. So this is more like the feedback in terms of stars given by the extended stay guests at the hotel based on their stay at the hotel.

One of the most important search filters of the stated portal is amenities. It allows you to select the amenities from the list of available weekly stay hotels. The major benefit of this filter is it will show you the hotels with your preferred amenities. This is very good for filtering hotels based on the travel category. For an example, if a traveler is going for a business trip, the important amenities for him could be WiFi connection, access to business center or conference room, etc. On the contrary, if the traveler is traveling for a family holiday and will travel with their pets as well, then, the amenity he would require is pet care facility. This stated filter of the Weekly Hotels allows selecting as many amenities as a traveler want and shows filtered list of extended stay hotels which have the stated amenities to offer.

Sort By
Another available search filter in this extended stay hotel booking platform is sort by, which helps in sorting the filtered or available results. So the user can further sort the results by:
• Price (Low to High and High to Low)
• Stars (Low to High and High to Low)
• Distance (Low to High and High to Low)

These filters can help to find the best weekly hotel, according to the budget and personal preferences of the traveler within a few clicks.
The spokesperson of the company has invited readers and users to explore the stated portal and experience these search filters and booking benefits. Please visit https://www.weeklyhotels.com to explore this portal.