Multiple Truths about Duct Tape Lawyers

A man narrates the injustices of his life and persuades to call for a change.

Online PR News – 28-October-2009 – – Green Bay, WI (Release Date) – What do you do when the pillars of justice turn their back against you? Based on a true to life story, author Anonymous’ novel invites you to revisit a case where justice was denied by the front liners of the law. Its intriguing plot will surely put every reader bound to be interested and flip the page of every chapter. Duct Tape Lawyer will persuade readers to dissect serious matters about the Colorado Law.

Karl William enters an unsuccessful agriculture venture that leads him into great deception and cost him to lose his house and 150 acre of prime development land at Colorado. All this unfortunate events were caused by his partner who employed untrustworthy lawyers who added and twisted evidences against him.

Duct Tape Lawyer is in two parts. The first part of the book is based on a true to life event which took place between 1988 and 1990. While the second part of the book titled Nevada Ambush is the author’s ideal vision on how to get even with all his adversaries, to fulfill the plot of a perfect revenge.

The purpose of the book is to persuade readers to delve into the Colorado Law and eventually, appeal for a change. Average citizens would not possibly rally for reformation, but they just might change their minds after reading Duct Tape Lawyer.

The story of the book revolves around the civil conflict between two unequal parties. It makes its readers realize the unfortunate truth faced by the party which has lower resources, in monetary and influence. But despite of that unfortunate truth, the book persuades it readers to fight for what they deserve—justice.

Reviews about this book reveal that it has a plot that subtly catches your perception and inclines your thoughts. “On these pages is contained a deception that most will not comprehend. You will enjoy the story but not necessarily pierce the fog unless you are a genius. The plot by itself is intriguing but the underlying plot may not come to you except in the middle of the night, but for most just enjoy”, review from M. Nostradamus.

Author Dwight Zwick’s Duct Tape Lawyer is a mind provoking piece on real events and experiences on the course of prevailing truth and justice. It foretells true to life memoirs and a fair share of approach on the conflict’s issues and rationale. The book challenges its readers to decipher matters about the Colorado Law. Readers who are passionate about legal topics will surely have bottomless insights about its context. The book is available for sale on and