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With the release of the latest 2.2.1 version of iPhone that has Modem firmware 02.30.03, it’s now time to look for the techniques to unlock the same. While everyone is searching for ways to Unlock iPhone 2.2.1, we have already discovered a perfect solution, according to the professional iPhone unlocking service providers - Unlockediphone.info.

Online PR News – 23-April-2009 – – April 2009 - “You will be well aware of the fact that we were the initiators of the iPhone unlocking solutions back in 2007. With our unique iPhone unlocking service, countless numbers of iPhones users able to use their favorite PDA the way they wish. ""With the huge popularity of iPhones, many companies have popped up recently promising you to Unlock iPhone. While more than 50% of the iPhone unlocking solution doesn’t live up to its promises, there are a very few service providers who are successful in unlocking the iPhone.""We are really proud to be one of the very few successful iPhone unlocking service providers” says Mr. Peter Smit of Unlockediphone.info

Speaking about unlocking the latest iPhone 2.2.1, Mr. Peter Smit said, “Many of them find it very easy to Unlock iPhone. However, apple’s team of engineers has really worked hard to avoid the latest version of iPhones getting unlocked. Their great effort is reflected in the new iPhone 2.2.1.""Unlocking iPhone 2.2.1 is not that simple. As you can see, not many of them are able to create successful programs to compete with the technology of Apple – the manufacturers of iPhone. We have done days of extensive research and hard work and we have found a perfect solution to Unlock iPhone 2.2.1.""Unlocking the latest iPhone is not that hard with our solution. All you have to do is to insert the 3G Unlock Chip along with the SIM card of your preference. The iPhone will be unlocked instantly and you will be able to use this device according to your liking.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Peter Smit said, “Though some of them promise to Unlock iPhone 3G, several problems are found to be associated with it. Signal losses, non-functionality of GPS, limited network connectivity are some issues found with the common iPhone unlocking solution available out there.""However, our iPhone unlocking solution is a perfect one. Just insert the 3G Unlock Chip and you have seamless access to any GSM networks in your country.”

“We are sure that many of the iPhone unlocking service providers out there will not be able to perfectly Unlock iPhone 2.2.1. Hence watch out and don’t fall for false promises.”

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