Urology Patients Have Urologist-Approved Information at Their Fingertips with New Website

Dr. Bert Vorstman takes his passion for urology online, providing his patients with up-to-date information about specific urology conditions and treatments.

Online PR News – 28-October-2009 – – Coral Springs, FL – Dr. Bert Vorstman believes that the best patients are those who are informed about their health, and as such he has recently launched a website aimed not at promoting his services, but rather at providing current, well-researched information about specific urologic conditions. The website, http://www.urologyweb.com, is a place where patients can gather information about conditions like prostate cancer, renal cancer, incontinence, male reproductive health, and several others.

UrologyWeb targets patients who know little about their conditions, offering information about the condition, potential cures and treatments, risks and side effects, and success rates. Dr. Vorstman's goal in building the site is to give patients a one-stop resource they can turn to as they research treatments for specific conditions.

When asked about the site, Dr. Vorstman said, "I am really excited about this website. Most similar websites work more to promote a specific practice or treatment option. UrologyWeb is simply there to inform and educate, because I believe patients can only make the right decision about treatment if they have all possible information."

UrologyWeb discusses traditional treatments as well as more modern cures. For instance, prostate cancer patients can visit the site to learn about high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), an investigational treatment for prostate cancer. HIFU uses ultrasound waves to heat and destroy tissue deep within the body, such as prostate tumors, without the risks of surgery or radiation and chemotherapy. Many patients may not know that it is available, and this site aims to educate more individuals about this noninvasive treatment option.

Dr. Vorstman promotes HIFU treatment using the Sonablate® 500, a treatment device that allows for image collection and treatment delivery using one transponder. This gives doctors a more accurate treatment delivery option and minimizes the risks of side effects common to other prostate cancer treatments.

The website, which launched earlier in 2009, was created with the help of On Top Results, a leading online marketing firm in Charlotte, NC that specializes in SEO, PPC, and landing page design. On Top Results, http://www.ontopresults.com , also works with Dr. Vorstman and his team to further market the website, ensuring that more and more patients have access to the accurate, up-to-date information it contains.

About UrologyWeb

UrologyWeb.com is a website dedicated to providing information about prostate and kidney cancers, bladder conditions, impotence, and many other urologic conditions to the public. It contains physician-reviewed information about the latest treatment options and potential cures for various diseases.

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