The Accent Coach Announces How Many Accents Are Perceived in the World

Several polls have created lists of the top accents around the world. While they may not agree on placement, the same accents appear on all the lists.

Online PR News – 13-October-2017 – Vero Beach, FL – Several polls have created lists of the top accents around the world. While they may not agree on placement, the same accents appear on all the lists. According to Claudette Roche of The Accent Coach, it’s because people enjoy something about the sound or image that goes with the accent.

Both American and British English accents are in the top ten lists for most popular accents. Characters like James Bond have broadened the appeal of the proper British accent. For the American accent, it is often the transparency and relatively easy enunciation that enhances the image. Within the broad category of American accent, the southern twang was considered the most popular.

Some surprising accents made the list as well. While Wales is a small country, the Welsh accent is big with listeners. The tone is musical and enjoyable to listen to, but it is difficult to copy. Spanish accents are a hit as well with those from Spain topping the list. It is a sultry language that is fun to listen to even if the speaker is speaking in Spanish and no one can understand what they are saying. European accents are popular around the globe with both the Swedish and French being popular choices. French accents are seen as romantic and seductive while the Swedish accent is charming.

Not all accents are seen as romantic or sensual

One cannot forget about the land down under with Australian accents topping just about any list. Australian speakers are seen as charming and approachable, which could be one reason for this accent’s popularity.

As Claudette Roche explains, accents are beautiful to listen to and often come with a stereotype. In the business world, they can be a hindrance regardless of how enjoyable they are to the ear. Some accents are more difficult to understand than others, which is a problem when people from two different locales are trying to communicate.

"It's my job to help people be understood, not to diminish who they are," she says, in explaining her job as a speech reduction coach. Roche doesn't try to take away all remnants of an accent unless the person desires it. Instead, she works with the person to teach them how to enunciate clearly and speak slowly enough to be understood over any accent they have.

For others, they want to have their accent removed because it may carry negative connotations where they are. "Not all accents are seen as romantic or sensual," Roche explains. An accent can create a stereotype which may inhibit someone's ability to get a job or even to find an apartment. Some people want to get rid of all traces of an accent, making it harder for others to identify where they came from. Still others want to learn a new accent either for acting purposes or just to be able to look like a local when they travel instead of a tourist. Regardless of how a person sounds when they speak, Roche says it is important to learn how to speak clearly to be understood for improved communication in work and in personal relationships.

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