CPS Selected To Participate In The Darpa Vehicle Armor Challenge

Norton, Massachusetts. CPS Technologies Corporation (CPS) (OTC Bulletin Board: CPSH) has received an order for ten modules of HybridTech Armor®, to be delivered to Directed Technologies of Arlington, VA, as part of the DARPA Vehicle Armor Challenge.

Online PR News – 15-January-2011 – – The modules will be 18" x 18", and are designed to meet the DARPA challenge goal of being less than 18 pounds per square foot and able to stop (i) the 7.62mm x 63 (0.30 caliber) APM2 armor piercing round, and (ii) the 20 mm fragment simulating projectile (FSP).

CPS patented HybridTech Armor® modules are comprised of multiple materials completely enveloped within and mechanically and chemically bonded to lightweight and stiff aluminum metal matrix composites. CPS believes that CPS HybridTech Armor® modules offer a lightweight, multi-hit capable, and cost competitive, alternative to conventional steel, aluminum and ceramic-based armor systems.

About CPS
CPS serves a portfolio of end markets with advanced material solutions, the most significant solution being metal matrix composites (MMCs). CPS has a proprietary, leading position in MMCs for thermal management of electronic components to increase performance and reliability. CPS products are used in internet routers and switches, motor controllers for hybrid vehicles, electric trains and subway cars, cellular telephone base stations and electricity-generating wind turbines, among other applications. CPS also provides components for packaging and structural applications using precision cast aluminum and metal matrix composites. CPS is also participating in a 4-year cooperative agreement with the Army Research Laboratory to continue the development of manufacturing technologies for large modules of hybrid metal matrix composite armor.