New iPhone App Connects the Entertainment Industry

ACTORSandCREW today announced an iPhone/iPad app that connects mobile users with the latest in Film, Television and Theater industry highlights.

Online PR News – 15-January-2011 – – Santa Monica, Calif. - ACTORSandCREW, an online service for entertainment industry professionals, today announced an iPhone/iPad app ("The Biz") that connects mobile users with the latest in Film, Television and Theater industry highlights.

“It's definitely a cool resource for folks in the Business. It marries the latest intelligence to the players that are involved in it,” said Dave Williams, Publisher and Founder.

"We're aggregating content from dozens of key sources, automatically publicizing current members, and featuring a really excellent grouping of original pieces from writers who focus in Film, Television and the Theater. It's deeper than just that, though; there's some really great 'nichy' stuff from Hollywood Labor relations to emerging Independent distribution models, professional insights for performers, life on set, the latest auditions, jobs....really the Business as it's evolving.”

"We're pretty excited about this, as it's the first in a planned suite of Apps," said Williams. "The next one we'll roll out will essentially be a map that contains geolocated KML data for every manager, agency and production company in the United States. We'll be overlaying that with Arts education resources, all of the non-profits related to the Business, the Film equipment suppliers...benchmarking it has been kind of mind-blowing."

Founded in 2005, ACTORSandCREW connects its users to below-the-line Film production jobs and auditions for Actors, automatically promoting its members to a very wide audience via followings on mainline social networks. ACTORSandCREW plays host to host an incredibly wide variety of both above and below-the-line talent. It has members in over 80 countries, and throughout the United States, and is a central source for film production jobs. Their new application, "The Biz" is available to download for free at all iTunes stores, worldwide.