ITLS Launches Digital Radiography: Offering Industrials a Closer Look at Record Speed

Industrial Testing Laboratory, LLC, or ITLS, announces groundbreaking new technology for viewing x-rays

Online PR News – 14-January-2011 – – Industrial Testing Laboratory, LLC, or ITLS, is pleased to offer its customers a new and innovative way of viewing X-rays.

This new discovery, called Digital Radiography, is used to interpret and share X-ray films using laser technology that identifies areas which are critical to a project’s performance.

Conventional radiography uses film that deteriorates over time and requires specialized “film” viewers for readability, making Digital Radiography cutting edge with its laser technology.

ITLS eliminates costly and timely problems for its industrial customers with the use of the iCRco 2000 SL laser. ITLS can quickly scan the X-ray film, capture the image and create a digital file that can be saved and forwarded as requested.

All parties can view this image via their computers, or Smartphones, as it can be opened in numerous programs. Annotations can be included on the image to convey observations and discoveries which can then be saved to preserve the findings.

Digital Radiography services offered by ITLS assist those in the nuclear, defense, commercial manufacturing, environmental, robotics and medical industries. National and regional customers benefit from the convenience, quick-turn reporting and accuracy; therefore improving production.
ITLS is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and offers over 50 years of expert industrial testing and laboratory services meeting NCA 3800, NQA-1, 10CFR50 Appendix B and ISO-17025.

Areas of specialty include non-destructive, mechanical, metallurgical testing, chemical analysis and outage services. Also included are commercial construction, nuclear training, QA/QC, NDE inspection and auditing services. For more information on ITLS, contact Bill McCabe, Sales Director, at 412-963-1900 or visit their Web site at