Fitness Expert Launches Site to Reveal Effective Lemonade Diet and Debunk Fads

Jamie Bjork has tried much of what the diet industry has to offer and found that the more complicated the diet, the less effective it was. Jamie turned his attention to a simple detox diet and finally saw results.

Online PR News – 14-January-2011 – – After systematically experimenting with a myriad of fitness products in the market, fitness expert Jamie Bjork has discovered what he suspected to be true all along; that is, a simple approach works best for individuals seeking to improve upon their overall fitness. Jamie Bjork wants to share his discovery with the public, and to that end, he has launched a new site to help those concerned with their fitness. The site's objective is to help readers understand that a lemonade diet, as simple as it sounds, should be the foundation for any long term fitness program, and that a detox diet will not only provide immediate benefits, but will also sustain an individual's well being in the long run.

"The market is saturated with books, videos, self help audio and a dizzying array of products, all promising to solve everyone's diet dilemma, so it is understandable to see people frustrated as they jump from one method to another with limited success," notes Jamie Bjork. "In the end, the simple and natural approach to diet always wins out, as I have found out with my lemonade diet."

Health and Fitness gurus would like people to believe that to achieve results, they must invest time and money in a regimen that is replete with products to consume and activities to perform. While some products no doubt will work to some degree, few are holistic and even fewer are robust enough to work for everyone. The marketing efforts made by the diet industry have frustrated legions of people who buy into the message, only to find out that their results are marginal at best. The assumption that if a product somewhat works for a few, that it should also work for all is highly dubious and has caused much grief with the general public.

Instead of gimmicks and hype, Jamie Bjork emphasizes a simple, natural and holistic approach to fitness, and with his new site, he shares this insight along with other common sense advice on health and fitness matters. Because his approach is rooted in all natural products and is devoid of pharmaceuticals, there are no side effects to speak of. Jamie Bjork's lemonade diet works within a few weeks, as the body performs it is encouraged to naturally shed away weight following a much needed detox.

"The body has the natural ability to bring everything in balance, and that includes one's mass. A complete detox diet encourages the body to continue the cleansing process and so long as the person does not abuse the body by reintroducing junk food in excessive quantity, that person can expect the body to return to equilibrium at a much lower weight. The lemonade diet is able to trigger this entire process," explains Jamie Bjork, the fitness expert who, after studying numerous weight loss treatments in the market concluded that the simple, all natural approach was the way to go.

Bjork Fitness is dedicated to educating its readers about all natural approaches to health and fitness, and features an easy-to-follow lemonade diet that promotes the importance of detox as a foundation for any fitness regimen.

Jamie Bjork
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