An ITIL Nugget - you may have struck GOLD

The world economy is still struggling to recover. Yet organizations still need to deliver - ultimately to the shareholders, but firstly to their customers. ITIL may just help...

Online PR News – 13-January-2011 – – It is tough out there… but help is available…An ITIL Nugget - you may have struck GOLD

The world economy is still struggling to recover. Yet organizations still need to deliver - ultimately to the shareholders, but firstly to their customers.

We need to deliver to customers who critically analyze every dollar, yen, pound and rupee spent, as they begin to feel the effects of the austerity measures being imposed by governments worldwide. All around the globe, organizations are looking to industry best practices to provide efficiencies that assist with gaining competitive advantage.

ITIL - develop, deliver and support

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL as it often referred to, provides such efficiencies for IT departments, enabling the opportunity to partner more closely and effectively with the internal business community and to develop, deliver and support services that align with the corporate strategies.

Five core books help guide the way with ITIL (view book info on;

- Service Strategy
- Service Design
- Service Transition
- Service Operation
- Continual Service Improvement

Each of these volumes provides the theory, yet whilst reading, you may be forgiven for thinking “but how has it been applied by others?”. As we said earlier, help is available… has introduced a series of ITIL based articles under the category heading of ITIL in Practice, which is constantly updated and broadened, from real-life experiences. To go straight to these articles, please visit

It is worth remembering that ITIL is not prescriptive. An approach of ‘adopt and adapt’ is suggested because every organization has its own idiosyncrasies and characteristics.

The portal website also contains articles that are relevant to each of the processes that are documented in each of the ITIL core books. It is also worth mentioning that all the articles on the website have icons associated with them, allowing visitors to select those articles of particular interest to them. For example, articles with the red ‘Managers’ icon, contain articles of interest to tactical or strategic influencers or thinkers.

One of the most popular sections of the web site is the free ITIL downloads that assist individuals and organizations interested in finding out more about ITIL. There is a complete ITIL Glossary of Terms, and students may wish to practice for the ITIL Foundation exam with a legitimate ITIL practice exam paper.

ITILnews also has a section for those organizations considering the steps of becoming ISO/IEC 20000 accredited: an accreditation which provides independent verification and endorsement that best practices have been adopted and are being followed.

Visitors are encouraged to leave comments or ask questions in relation to specific articles, or simply ask for free advice and guidance around anything ITIL related. aims to respond within 24 hours and where possible and permitted, will publish the questions and responses, simply because if one person is asking, it is almost inevitable others are considering a similar question.

ITILnews proudly support several global charities, with a percentage of every ITIL Book sale being donated.

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ITILnews provides a brilliant portal that shares practical experience and knowledge which benefits individuals and organizations alike.

Take a look for yourself as you may have just struck “ITIL GOLD” !!!

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