OurCrazyDeals.com Announces New Product Line of Hydroponics Systems

OurCrazyDeals.com is a large manufacturer & distributor of many home & garden supplies. The company announced today that they have created an entire line of hydroponics systems that are not only affordable, but very powerful so that the average person can own one.

Online PR News – 28-October-2009 – – New Product Range Added To Expand OurCrazyDeals.com's Offerings For Indoor, Greenhouse Gardeners

Lafayette, Louisiana October 27, 2009 -

Growing plants without soil allows gardeners to make more efficient use of space and have higher yields of fruits and vegetables per square inch, all other factors being equal. Seeing a need which was largely going unfilled, Lafayette-based family business Our Crazy Deals decided to enter the home hydroponics market, adding a range of hydroponic gardening systems, greenhouses, and composting supplies to their existing offerings.

How does your garden grow? Increasingly, the answer you'll hear from people is indoors or inside of a small greenhouse without the use of soil - hydroponics systems are rapidly gaining in popularity as people realize that you don't necessarily need to have a garden as such to be a gardener. Apartment dwellers and people who live in urban centers with high population densities and have very small yards often find that they can grow a lot more of their own produce than they would have thought possible by using alternative methods such as hydroponic gardening.

"One of the chief advantages of the new hydroponics products we're offering such as the AeroGarden Deluxe is that they offer people options; these new generation hydroponic gardening systems is that they allow anyone with a sunny windowsill or a shelf and the necessary lighting to enjoy gardening and see a high yield in an incredibly small space. A green thumb runs in the family and we wanted to share our love of gardening with our customers," says Butch Segura of Our Crazy Deals.

The company has added hydroponic products including the aforementioned AeroGarden growing systems, Aeroflow and Aerojet indoor hydroponic systems, the Bigfoot Grow System and other supplies including lights, hydroponic controllers, sprayers and a variety of other popular supplies and accessories useful to the hydroponic gardener who grows their own produce in the home or in a portable greenhouse in their back yard. With more and more people taking up the hobby of gardening daily thanks to the wider availability of these hydroponic and aeroponic systems, Our Crazy Deals seems to have made a timely entry into what is quite literally a growth industry.


For more information about Our Crazy Deals and their new line of hydroponics systems and supplies, please visit: http://ourcrazydeals.com/contact.html

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