Sheppard Moscow Business Transformation in the USA

Leading Organizational Development, Leadership and Business Transformation Consultants, Sheppard Moscow, has announced the opening of a new office in Chicago, USA.

Online PR News – 14-January-2011 – – On their new website – – leading Organizational Development, Leadership and Business Transformation Consultants, Sheppard Moscow, has announced the opening of an office in the USA.

Located in Chicago, Sheppard Moscow’s American base complements the organization’s existing UK, Ireland and Singapore offices, extending Sheppard Moscow’s global business reach.

As the latest step in the business transformation specialist’s global business strategy, the move will allow Sheppard Moscow to provide even more active development support for existing US clients and to develop deeper relationships with the many international clients who now seek to work globally.

Sheppard Moscow’s US lead partner Johnny Kelleher said;
"The main reason to establish an American presence is simply to be at hand for our existing US clients. We also know that many of our existing multi-national clients who we work with elsewhere in the world would like us to work with their US operation.

Our clients tell us that there really isn't any equivalent leadership or business transformation offer to Sheppard Moscow's in the USA right now and they've convinced us there's a lot to be created here.

Why Chicago? It's a hub, and close enough to our clients in the Mid-West and on the East Coast, but for me the thing is that it's a great modern city, and, more than that, every time you ask an American what they think of Chicago, they say 'it's a hard working town'... And that suits me."

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Sheppard Moscow is, in some ways, a best-kept secret in the world of Organizational Development, Leadership and Business Transformation Consulting.

Sheppard Moscow’s business partners and consultants work alongside many of the world’s leading companies and business leaders, many of whom are evangelical in their support for the organization, yet many business people have never heard the Sheppard Moscow name.

This may be because Sheppard Moscow has grown quietly though recommendation, rather than marketing, growing slowly and strongly to occupy the position of global influence it now enjoys.

In typically evocative terms, Sheppard Moscow describe themselves thus:
We are a tribe of organizational explorers. For the past forty years, we've been working with our clients at the frontiers of business transformation and what's possible in organizations.

We are fascinated by how organizations work, how leaders operate, and we’re gripped by a passionate drive to release human potential and enhance our clients' organizational health and effectiveness.

Results through Relationships
We know that organizations don't change... that may seem an odd thing for consultants who work in organizations to say. But it's true, organizations don't change – but people do.

Our belief is that the place where the real work is done, and where change and business transformation takes place in organizations, is in the spaces between people – and that's where our focus is: on the relationships.

Provoking Positive Change
Most change and business transformation consultancies provide a linear and procedural set of steps to follow – Sheppard Moscow can do that too.

But how Sheppard Moscow really adds value is through engaging in the messy, chaotic human change process and promoting committed conversations that deliver improved results, sustainable over the long term.

If you’re already a Sheppard Moscow client, you know that the experience of working with us is different – and makes a difference. If you are new to the organization, it's difficult to capture this difference in words.

Here’s what one Sheppard Moscow leadership and business transformation client had to say;
"You have subject matter expertise that is made relevant to us; a flexibility of approach, which tailors the intervention to the moment, alongside a willingness to get right to the heart of things in a way that is supportive and re-affirming at the same time as it is deeply challenging." Musgrave. UK Managing Director.

Sheppard Moscow’s work can be grouped into 7 dimensions

Business Transformation – Increasingly, businesses and other organizations experience continual change in markets and in organizational set-ups. No longer can they operate in steady state, treating ‘change’ as a discrete, occasional event. Sheppard Moscow business transformation involves understanding and working with the dynamic, emergent nature of organizations, working with teams and leaders to maximize the kind of change they want, while keeping the day-to-day show on the road.

Leadership – A changing and fluid world, where businesses and organizations need to be able to respond quickly and change adaptively means that hierarchical, command and control models of leadership are no longer effective. Modern business leadership depends upon leaders being clear about who they are, what they stand for and what they want to create.

Organizational Culture – Every organization has its ways of working; typically there are many more unwritten codes than there are formal rules. We are often asked to help clients ‘change the culture’.

As organizations change and transform to meet external demands, the ways in which people work together need to change too – to become more innovative or more responsive, more open or more empowered.

Doing this effectively requires understanding what the culture really is and how it is sustained by thousands of tiny signals in language and behaviour

Team Effectiveness – A great deal of business is carried out through teams. Products and services are increasing in complexity, which means that there is less and less that the individual can carry out unaided.

Sheppard Moscow understands these changing business dynamics, and posses the team facilitation skills to bring out the best in an operational team, help to get new teams started quickly or helping teams resolve sticky issues. Fast.

Executive Coaching – Coaching is the subject of growing awareness and growing use in organizations. It is also the source of some controversy.

Sheppard Moscow has years’ of experience – developing expertise in executive and leadership coaching that makes a difference.

People Capability – Sheppard Moscow believes that organizations change one person at a time. Often our change work in organizations leads us to working with people on a one-to-one basis – through coaching – or in workshop groups to help them develop behavioural skills to be more effective in the work they do, and in their key relationships.

Master Classes – Sheppard Moscow occasionally runs Master Classes to share their practice with fellow facilitators.

These programmes are also suitable for managers and business leaders who are charged with bringing about change, as the practical skills of facilitation and process consulting are core to what you’ll need to do. Visit the Sheppard Moscow website for more information on Master Classes in Authentic Leadership, Advanced Facilitation Skills and Advanced Process Consulting.

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