Graphic Products announces perks for Canadian industrial labeling customers

Canadian customers of Graphic Products pay nothing extra when having label printers and labeling supplies shipped across the U.S./Canada border.

Online PR News – 13-January-2011 – – BEAVERTON, Ore. – Safety labeling solutions provider and America-based company Graphic Products, Inc. today announced it is footing the bill for all brokerage fees for Canadian customers placing orders with Graphic Products.

“To our Canadian customers, the matter is simple: you pay nothing more than if your order was shipped from within Canada,” said Steve Hudgik, corporate marketing manager at Graphic Products.

For shipments originating in the U.S. and going into Canada the company receiving the shipment needed to pay a customs broker to process and present shipping documents to Customs, and pay appropriate taxes. The new service for Graphic Products' Canadian customers eliminates the need for them to hire a broker. Graphic Products hires the broker and pays all broker fees. In addition, Graphic Products also prepays applicable sales taxes for Canadian customers. The company later bills Canadian customers for the taxes. As a result of Graphic Products’ new services for shipments to Canada, Canadian customers will receive their orders for DuraLabel, or other labeling and signage-related products, much more quickly.

“Graphic Products is happy to eliminate cross-border delays and fees for our Canadian customers so they can get started on making the labels and signs they need sooner and without bureaucratic hassle or financial burden,” said Hudgik. "Orders we ship to Canada will now be delivered in the same way as shipments originating inside Canada."

Graphic Products' shipments to Canada usually occur twice a week. However, at times next day delivery may be required. In that case same-day shipping to Canada is available, although this service may require Canadian customers to pay the brokerage fees themselves. For normal shipments, the twice-a-week shipping, combined with the prepayment of taxes and brokerage fees, and the elimination of delays going through customs, results in shipments to Canada being delivered quicker than in the past.

“We expect our Canadian customers to be very pleased with this new service, said Hudgik. "Combined with Graphic Products' policy of stocking thousands of supplies in our expansive warehouse, this means our Canadian customers can quickly get what they need without delay. We stock more labeling equipment and supplies than any other labeler dealer in the world, which reduces the chances of having back orders or shipping delays.”

Canadian customers also enjoy the same toll-free technical support, free equipment cleaning supplies and free M&M’s with every order that U.S. customers receive.

For more information on Graphic Products’ shipping policies and procedures, and to find solutions to unique labeling and signage needs, call 1-888-326-9244. Inquirers may also visit

Graphic Products has been a leading label printer and supplies dealer since 1970. It is the manufacturer of DuraLabel brand printers that include the big DuraLabel 7000 and DuraLabel 9000 sign and large-format label printers. It also manufacturers smaller DuraLabel printers and carries many other brands of labelers such as Brady, Kroy, Brother, K-Sun, Dymo and Varitronics. DuraLabel is the leading manufacturer of labeling supplies, with over 50 types of supplies for making labels and signs. It also stocks supplies for discontinued label printers. Graphic Products specializes in same-day shipping to meet its customers’ just-in-time delivery requirements. The Graphic Products Web site is located at Printers and supplies may be ordered by calling 1-888-326-9244.
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