Automobile Specialist Launches New Site Dedicated to ECU Remapping and Car Modding

Car expert Dan Wiggs is taking his expertise online to help auto enthusiasts achieve performance enhancements through ECU remapping and car modifications, and he is also chronicling work on his latest project, a 2005 BMW E61 530d Sport Touring.

Online PR News – 13-January-2011 – – Dan Wiggs is pleased to announce the launch of, a new online site dedicated to helping enthusiasts understand the intricacies of automobile performance improvement, particularly as it relates to ECU remapping and other car modding techniques. As an ECU-RS technician, Dan is uniquely qualified to be the brains behind, as evidenced by the work that he has performed, and continues to perform on the 2005 BMW E61 530d Sport Touring. Unlike other car mods, ECU remapping requires a high degree of expertise and specialised equipment, and only qualified technicians can perform the task properly.

Also featured in the launch is RemapMan Blog, which chronicles the transformation of various cars through ECU remapping. The remapping process is tailored to the objectives set forth by the owner, and the most common of course is added power and increased fuel efficiency. BMW and Mercedes automobiles are currently featured with more applications to be added as they show up for modification. The various car articles serve as real case studies for those prospective modders and interested parties who may one day entertain the possibility of having their electronic control unit modified to enable them to realize the benefits of more power, better fuel efficiency, and in some cases, both.

"By launching, I am hoping to build a community of enthusiasts and deliver value in the form of information and insight into car modifications, specifically ECU remapping and other car modding practices," notes Dan Wiggs. "Because I work in the ECU remapping industry, I will be able to share cutting edge information with readers interested in squeezing out the optimal performance out of their engine."

Before the advent of engine management systems, cars were tuned manually, literally under the hood. Everything was mechanical and settings were changed with wrenches, screwdrivers and the like. Today's modern cars are governed by a computer, known in the industry as the electronic control unit, or ECU. The ECU receives numerous signals from sensors, and based on what it receives, it tailors the operation of the engine for optimal performance. Some components that are governed by the ECU include the injectors, the ignition timing and even the cooling system. ECUs are generally closed systems in that it has no user serviceable components. The one thing that can be changed in the ECU is its map, which is basically a set of instructions that is a function of the inputs from the sensors. The map can be tailored to produce more power, to reduce fuel consumption, and in some cases put more power to the ground while sipping less fuel.

"The arrival of engine management systems meant that a great deal of tuning must now include reworking the computer, or ECU remapping in industry parlance. My new site discusses this concept in detail, and the myriad cases outlined in the blog turns concept into reality as readers are able to read about real cars coming in for ECU remapping and leaving with revitalized performance," explains Dan Wiggs, the expert in charge of

About: is a site dedicated to educating enthusiasts and casual readers about the concept of ECU remapping, and how a simple remap of their car's computer can yield impressive results in terms of added power and fuel efficiency.

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