The Perfectly Responsible Engagement Ring - A Synthetic Diamond and Recycled Platinum

Man-made diamonds and eco-friendly jewelry are an excellent choice for socially conscience brides.

Online PR News – 28-October-2009 – – For years, it has been challenging for an environmentally sensitive bride to find an engagement ring she can wear with a clear conscience. From destructive mining operations for diamonds, gemstones and precious metals, to sub-standard working conditions in these mines, what is a responsible bride to do?

Man-made diamonds are identical to their mined counterparts, yet are made in a high-tech environment by skilled labor and without massive mining operations. Using a high-pressure, high-temperature process that mimics nature, beautiful diamonds can be grown in fancy yellow, blue and traditional white colors.

The leading retailer of synthetic diamonds, D.NEA, recently expanded their line of eco-friendly engagement rings to include many classic designs as well as offering custom designed jewelry, all available in eco-friendly metals and made in the USA. Eric Franklin, CEO of D.NEA, says "An engagement ring made with recycled metal is the perfect complement to a lab-grown diamond. Both present a unique and responsible choice by the wearer." D.NEA currently offers white diamonds up to one carat, stunning blue diamonds up to 1.25ct and fancy yellow diamonds up to two carats. All diamonds include eco-friendly packaging, free shipping and a lifetime 100% trade-up, and can be purchased online at or toll-free 1.877.LAB.DIAMOND.

While white or colorless diamonds are the most common choice for an engagement ring, they are the most difficult to grow in a lab environment. In fact, only two companies, D.NEA and Apollo, currently offer real synthetic white diamonds. These diamonds are commonly referred to as lab-grown, lab-created, cultured, man-made or synthetic, and all share the same properties as mined diamonds, except for their origin.

A striking blue or vibrant yellow diamond set into an eco-friendly engagement ring will tell all who sees it how responsible its owner is.

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