New Komatsu Wheel Dozer Used By John Pelts Heavy Equipment

The newest wheel dozer by Komatsu offers functionality, power and comfort.

Online PR News – 27-October-2009 – – Komatsu’s WD600-6 is the latest in top model dozers, track or wheel. This machine has already been used in John Pelts construction work for over a month, and it has performed better than expected. Most concerns about using a wheel dozer in certain situations were put to rest, mostly because of the great braking system.

The WD600-6 produces 502 HP at 1,800 RPM, which is much more powerful than the earlier models. This allows the crew to increase productivity in the field and get the job done more efficiently. The Komatsu Tier 3 six-cylinder engine also has top technology in the fuel injection system and electronic control system. For fuel efficiency, the engine is equipped with an economy mode choice and a power mode for those most challenging jobs.

One of the most impressive parts about this dozer is the cab. There have been many complaints in the past about the cab sizes, ease of usage and comfort, but all of John Pelts operators have reported great experiences using the Komatsu WD600-6. Komatsu ergonomically designed the cab on this machine to allow the operator to have easier accessibility to all control functions which increases productivity. Arguably the best feature is the automatic joy stick steering, giving the operator the most accurate control. The armrests on both the left and the right also relieve the operator of general fatigue experienced in other wheel dozers.

There are many great features on the Komatsu WD600-6, but a couple of them are the most impressive. The vehicle health monitoring system seemed like a nice component to have, but at first wasn’t necessary. However, even after a few uses, it was very beneficial to monitor the health of some of the more important components on this piece of heavy equipment. Nothing had been malfunctioning, but it was reassuring to check the VHMS and see the positive results.

There are a few optional pieces of equipment that are offered by Komatsu for this dozer, but some are unnecessary. The tiltable steering wheel is one, because the joy stick steering is far superior to any control system offered. After a month of using the Komatsu WD600-6, there were no operators that found the need for a steering wheel over the joy stick. However, one thing that comes optional is a must for the dirty jobs, and that is the rear full fender on the right side. With this equipped, operators aren’t complaining about the usual factors slowing them down because of the right side not being sufficiently protected.

In all, this wheel dozer has offered stability and top of the line technology to get the job done faster and easier. The Komatsu WD600-6 will be a part of JP Heavy Equipment for a long time.