A New Website Being Launched That Reduces Traffic While Providing Discount Rates on Luxury Travel

Deadheadrun.com offers a place for Sedan, Limo and Limousine Transportation Service Companies to post their open runs so individuals and corporate customers can utilize them at very reasonable rates.

Online PR News – 12-January-2011 – – Orange County, Calif. – DeadHeadRun.com will launch its website in January 2011. The name of the company is derived from a transportation industry term, dead head run, meaning an empty one-way transportation. Transportation companies typically lose money on one leg of every run (“dead head run”), so DeadHeadRun.com offers them an opportunity to fill those runs by posting them at DeadHeadRun.com. Since these runs are 100% profit to the companies, they will be sold to passengers at a discounted rate, so passengers benefit as well.

The goal of DeadHeadRun.com is to help keep transportation vehicles loaded with passengers each way. Consequently, transportation companies profit more efficiently, passengers pay less, and traffic and pollution are reduced.

DeadHeadRun.com will be attractive to companies, including transportation and travel companies, as well as individuals and companies looking for luxury transportation at discounted rates.

DeadHeadRun.com and the mobile phone apps are easy to use, and FREE for anyone looking for a discounted rate on luxury transportation. DeadHeadRun.com plans to profit from transportation companies posting their dead head runs on DeadHeadRun.com. The cost of membership is nominal and will be free initially while the site is in its initial beta phase.