Technokolla at Saie

Along with Fiandre and Granitech, Technokolla will be on show at the International Building Exhibition with lots of new proposals to modernize the sector. The appointment is in hall 32 stand A98-B65 from 28 to 31 October.

Online PR News – 27-October-2009 – – After Cersaie, Technokolla will be back in Bologna’s trade fair center again for the International Building Exhibition, which will take place from 28 to 31 October.

A partner of the GranitiFiandre group, Technokolla will be taking part in SAIE '09 along with Fiandre and Granitech with an ambitious goal: change the building world with top quality, pioneering products possessing high technological standards. Technokolla is participating in this “revolution” with “four trump cards”: R-Evolution HD, the Geo line, Kalox and Akron.

R-Evolution HD is the first and only hardener that drastically lowers dust emission and protects the operators’ health. Thanks to HD technology, the place of work remains cleaner and more healthful. A formula based on cement-quartz and special additives resolves the majority of problems concerning the “dusting” operation. Especially in closed places, like industrial buildings, garages and basements. R-Evolution HD adds to the “dust-free” family, which also includes the Techno-One HD and Technostar HD adhesives and waterproofing compound Rasolastik ADV HD.

Not only operator well-being but also that "of the environment”. True to the principles of bioarchitecture, Technokolla’s laboratories have now created the Geo line: adhesives, grouting products, substrate plasters and dehumidifying plasters made with non-toxic, regenerable materials that are easily available and that limit the energy expenditure required for the manufacturing processes. Moreover, these products can also be recycled because they contain neither solvents nor formaldehyde. They possess mould-proofing properties and are highly permeable to water vapour.

Then there’s the Kalox line, comprising four products for perfect finishes. These are Kalox, which bonds perfectly to even weathered plaster, features an excellent vapour diffusion rate and a low water absorption degree. Kalox Fino, the smooth-finish skimming plaster, with outstanding workability and bonding capacity formulated for use both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, gypsum-based Kalox G has been specifically created for indoor use and is ideal for application in coats up to three centimeters thick. Lastly, Kalox-Plus provides a “fine setting coat” finish that can also be applied to old plastic cladding and can create coats up to 6 millimeters thick. Particularly versatile, this product can be distempered, painted, tiled and used as a levelling layer for walls.

Last but by no means least, the concrete refurbishing products of the Akron line include Akron, Akron F, Akron Fer, Akron Fluid and Akron R and are more than able to resolve the different problems posed by this material.

Visit the web site for more details about Technokolla and its products, which include tile adhesives, floor grouting and bonding agents for the building trade.

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